Friday, July 27

I am a July Baby too

A lot of things happened in July but most importantly my birthday!! haha not really.
I also went to Louisiana for my aunt’s 50th. she's a July baby too. I had so much fun!! we all had to tailor outfits (matching Natives) for mine, I’m in the hi-low mood and I really wanted something big and princess-y, so my tailor made one for me. She’s so talented, its her own design :)
For the shoes, my mom wanted me to wear gold, but I had in mind that red would pop better, hence my new favorite shoes!! I have worn these shoes practically every week in the month of June and July. I made a LOT of outfits around this shoe lol I wore it on my birthday as well lol I love UrbanOg. I need more shoooess.

here are some pictures from the birthday party and Louisiana trip (July6-7th) and my birthday dinner (July 13/18th)

my aunt (purple head tie)(auntie Vero) dancing her way into the party, African style….lol
my brother (Rere) playing on the wii
(Cole) who is always on his phone LOL
Cutting the b-day cake with Ladun :)
my dress for the party. It’s a hi-low princess dress :D very ball gown like. I am so into hi-lows this summer. I wore it with the red shoes so I can not look too childlike lol
everybody at the trip first thought I was like 16-17!!
Chilling at the Airport L to R Josh, Grace , my mom, Auntie Vero, and Auntie Rachel’s Hubby (Catherine, Cole, & Josh’s dad) :)
Catherine and her niece, and her older brother (left), Ruth on the right getting it lol
Catherine’s nephew. he was dancing so much to the music lol he ran up and down the aisle (his mom had to try and catch him lol)
chilling at my aunt’s house on Sunday. L to R Catherine, Grace , Aunt Rachel, and Josh
oooh my birthday outfit (the actual day!)

I had a good birthday, I didn’t really do anything on the day itself, but I did go out the weekend before to Olive garden and had the best seafood pasta ever. I am gonna have to recreate it, it was very delicious. I also had endless Italian coffee and some kind of special virgin lemonade-y drink lol. I wish I wasn’t too distracted and took more pictures. it was fun though. The birthday cake had a layer of butter icing in the middle. omg droool.
I’m still a little bit on edge here about my age. 22 means I gotta buckle up and start making changes. By God’s grace they will be implemented before December ends.
Thanks for reading!!
Thanks for reading!!

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