Thursday, August 30

Shaving? Waxing? or Lotion?

Apparently I cannot use razors. no matter how good they are, from Schick intuition too Venus embrace to the thickest shaving creams (believe me, I’ve tried em’ all), and yet my skin gets irritated after use. I found this out almost too late, after I started developing keratosis pilaris on my shave bumps on my legs, leaving black spots everywhere. There was a time I never wore skirts or shorts because my legs looked like a cheetah’s skin.
no I’m not exaggerating.

so when I discovered the source (which I don’t know why I couldn’t figure out fast enough~ given that the razors caused intense itching, redness and peeling immediately after use~~ smh I guess I was young and thoughtless). I decided to try depilatories and I bought Nair, and tried to use it but it stank really BAD (Nair tends to have a raunchy stench) and it didn’t remove ANY Hair. I was so Mad and disappointed and frustrated.

SO I gave Veet a try, and what I loved about Veet (before they changed their formula) was that they had variations for sensitive skin (then) and removed hair under 3 minutes! they don’t stink as bad either, they also make shaving intervals longer, amazing! what could possibly beat that?  I swore by Veet…….

…………...until my local drugstores and Wal-Mart stopped selling Veet (they had also changed their formulas).
all of a sudden the shelves were replaced with the new Nair, and a LOT of Venus products……..
like wtf?!!!
so I tried the ONE Nair that was in store
and gave Nair a second chance…
SO Today, I have all the ones that I had tried and just a brief review of the ones I Have happened to stumble upon….

Saturday, August 25

Taking Care of Your Eyes


Wednesday, August 15

I’m Not Really a Waitress

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