Saturday, August 25

Taking Care of Your Eyes


So I noticed that a while ago (a LONG while ago) I did a little excerpt on Sensitive eyes. This was when I just began to wear contacts, and I had noticed a few things about my eyes, I was just a beginner then, lol.
My eyes have always been sensitive, even before I started wearing corrective contacts (sensitive to some scents (like the smell of my aloe Vera gel….like wtf), dust (very minimal-none visible dust) and dander, and they get irritated if I don’t get enough sleep (I think everyone is like that though)).

I know wearing contacts causes some strain to your eyes, but I refuse to wear glasses because I am picky and very clumsy, and I probably would buy some REALLY nice pretty glasses and break them within a week, I have destroyed over ten sunglasses, it got so bad I stopped buying them because i ‘d mistakenly step, sit, break, them………just so accident prone. Sadly.


SO I think its wise for me not to waste money on glasses that I might end up breaking.  I am doing ok with contacts, and luckily for me I can see without them, I just can’t read,drive or discern faces from afar off, so its manageable.
I do plan on buying a cheap pair for emergencies…just keep procrastinating and haven't gotten around to it.

I am going to touch up on those TIPS with additional things I have learnt along the way.….


  • for contacts wearers, it doesn’t matter what type you get, just make sure they're soft lenses.
  • try not to sleep with them in (I used to do that now I cant!- I wake up in the middle of the night with my eyes red and irritated )
  • If you are clumsy (like me) get some color or tinted contacts, so you can find it when you drop it
  • Change your contacts as often as you can, Depending on how much you use it, some contacts last 2 weeks-4 weeks. I usually wear 2 pairs (I alternate so they can soak for at least 2 days-super comfyyy) over a span of 2 months.
  • Clean your case before and after use. Clean your lenses before and after use (before putting in your eye and when you take it out)
  • get the no rub saline solution. Its much more safer than the “rub” one
  • change your cases often. I usually change mine when I change my contacts (monthly-every two months). has tips and resources for keeping you eyes safe.
wherever you go make sure you have this in your purse/car
  • an extra case
  • a mirror
  • a small solution bottle
  • eyedrops for contacts
  • hand sanitizer (if you cant wash your hands)


  • Contact wearers/sensitive eyes can wear makeup, just make sure you put on makeup AFTER you wear your contacts and take contacts out BEFORE removing makeup.
  • If you do use mascara, Waterproof mascara is advisable because, if you do get an irritation, your makeup will run from the tears, so try to use something gentle and waterproof. I often use Maybelline Hydrofuge Full n Soft in Blackest Black



This is one of the best tricks (and its probably common) I’ve been using on my eyes. This actually works for all kinds of eye irritations, even Apolo/red eyes.
  • boil some hot water (not too hot let it cool a bit) get a washcloth and wet it, dab it on the irritated eye till the washcloth gets cold, repeat until you feel better.
This works because the warmth would cause your blood vessels to dilate increasing blood flow and circulation in your eye area, and relieving the concentrated inflammation, restoring the moisture as well.

That’s all I do for my sensitive eyes Till next time!

Thanks for reading!!

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