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Let’s talk hair….[Colossal Virgin Hair]


I love changing my hair! its so much fun to experiment with styles etc. with a weave. I don’t think I can stand having the same style over 3 months. I think it will drive me Cray cray!
I have been buying a lot of extensions lately, both Remy and regular human and I noticed, when calculating the bills in total that it has been a waste paying up to a hundred bucks for 3 bags of non Remy or over a hundred for 3 bags of Remy non Virgin hair which both wouldn’t even last more than 3 months. I think taking care of my last two styles kinda broke it for me. I was tired of wasting money, the shedding, the crazy tangling, oh the annoyance. SO I decided to venture into Virgin Hair.


Virgin hair in short, is hair that hasn’t been processed, is of high quality and in natural state, and even taken care of very well, can last up to a year. And the total cost of this hair I am currently wearing is actually way cheaper than all the hair I have bought in a the past year added together!!

Since this is my first Virgin Hair, IDK on what basis to rate it. SO this is gonna be my baseline. Because I currently like this hair, any hair I get in the future would be compared to it.

Brand: Colossal Hair
Type: Brazillian Curly
Cost: I payed $70.00 per bag (it was on sale!! )
Length: 18’18’18’


Comments so far: I LOVE this hair. I generally hate curly hair but this hair’s curls are SOO pretty! the hair is soft and full and usually i wouldn't mind it full but my mom thinks its too crazy so I have to tone down the frizz a bit before I go out lol. the hair shed a bit after I installed it but its not crazy bad, and I think its because of the cut ends when sewing that's why its shedding so I don’t mind.

It is curly so I expect tangling, however, I do not get any tangles which is surprising! I hope it stays that way forever! haah I am doing my best to take care of the hair very much.


The wefts are thick and nice and not soft and flimsy so I love that, very easy to sew on a braid, and they are double and sturdy so even when I split them for my invisipart I had no problems at all.


Caring: Before Install

Before installing it, I decided to wash it with a curl shampoo that had sulfates in it, just to make sure I get it squeaky clean prior to putting it on my head. I will no longer be using this shampoo on this hair and I will switch to just shea Moisture and Herbal essences or Tresemme for just co washing (will so pictures after next wash)


I also deep conditioned with Mixed Deep conditioner ( smell amazing OMG) and it left my hair so soft!!

Caring: Daily Use


For daily use, I want to keep it simple and not do something time consuming (although I am gonna style it a lot on weekends heyyyy). I do not run a comb through my hair without spraying detangler prior to it and that’s when the Just for me Hair milk straightening mist comes in. This is actually a heat protector/Detangler and I use it for both. It does a great job at detangling my hair and making it soft and keeping frizz at bay so I use it every night before I comb my hair. and to think I thought it was useless years ago! SMH

At night I condition any dry parts with pure olive oil and just make one big braid at the back and put it in a bun. I wake up in the morning and run the Samy Big Curls Lightweight Curl Creme over my hair or the pure One 'n Only Argan Oil Treatment over my hair. I noticed they give different looks when I use em’. The picture above I have both in my hair, argan on the tips mostly.


To finish off and bat off frizz I use the One 'n Only Argan Oil Hair Spray, the mist is superfine, you get stronghold and yet the hair is soft I love this hair spray! If I wanted extra shine or quick moisture I use the One 'n Only Argan Oil Spray Treatment. This is a flat iron spray but can also be a shine spray, I find my self grabbing for it for a quick moisture/shine use.


This is the hair it is natural state, I braided it (two pigtails) the night before and it looked like this. its super full if I combed it out it would be fuller.

Bottomline: SO far, I love this hair, would be updating more on it and experimenting! I got the Tstudio waver, and Curler and also some hot rollers, I have tested it on a few strands so I cant wait to do reviews on both etc. and monthly checkupsSmile
wish me luck!!

lets hope this hair lasts till August 2013!

Thanks for reading!! Till next time my loves, God Bless you!

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