Monday, October 29

Last weekend of October :D

2012-10-28 14.49.33

October is about to end, and I am still not done with goals, posts, study goals, plans….sigh…on to the next month shall we?
This weekend I got a chance, in my busy schedule to hang and to take pictures as well (it rarely happens I tell you~ most of my pictures are selcas )

Thursday, October 25

October Glam Bag 2012


I finally subscribed to ipsy. I was a little wary at first but after weighing the good and the bad reviews and even the hater for no reason reviews I decided to subscribe. I’m gonna try and stick to one year of subscription no matter what. SO I can do an overall review etc. before I sign up for another type (like Birch box). To be frugal I'd rather keep one continuous subscription to my credit card per year. I don’t wanna do more than one hence the reason I didn’t sign up for BB. Last year it was Wild games (so fun! ~ I love playing games having wild coins are cool). Sadly I was cleaning my computer and I deleted about 200+ wild coins (I get about 50 a month) *[face palm]*. I still have about 150 that I haven't used so I will manage that for a year. I’ll just play free games and such.

Thursday, October 18

October Colossal Virgin Update

Hello everyone!!
Just doing a monthly update on my hair!
I can’t believe its been a month and its still hold up well!! I have styled this hair like crazy. Curler, wavers, hot rollers rods of all sizes you name it!!

Friday, October 5

ecoTOOLS Bamboo 5 piece Brush set

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