Thursday, October 18

October Colossal Virgin Update

Hello everyone!!
Just doing a monthly update on my hair!
I can’t believe its been a month and its still hold up well!! I have styled this hair like crazy. Curler, wavers, hot rollers rods of all sizes you name it!!
I haven't had any major problems with it in the past month. Whatever “problems” I have had are too situational to blame on the hair, so lets review each one :)

Shedding: StarStarStar
Shedding has been minimal. it only randomly sheds when I style it extremely  (using heat) but its not as bad it may be one-three per week (I use heat once a week). It does shed when I brush or comb. so its not perfect. However, its not so bad that would go crazy over or that I have random wefts empty.
Tangling: StarStarStarStar
Tangles? no no no! its so minimal its amusing! it only tangles when its really dry. if the hair is moisturized no tangling at all! also the ends were frzzy/split when I straightened it so I cut it to a blunt straight (pic below) it reduced my tangling by 90% !!
Matting: StarStarStarStarStar
None at all ( I pray it stays that way!! )
Dryness: StarStarStar
It gets dry a lot. I understand its curly hair (which gets dry faster than straight hair generally) so it was already dry before made into virgin hair etc. and since its virgin it has no silicone coating to prevent such so I have to moisturize twice a day (morning and night) and I take a little  Argan spray mix in my purse just in case during the day (I’ve never had to use it though)
Overall: Red heartRed heartRed heartRed heart

Snap Photos
Straight- I don’t think I own a powerful ceramic straightener, it was a hassle to straighten. I gave up even after blow-drying the whole mess, some things just wont get straight. it got dry and looked horrible, plus the ends didn’t really look nice straight (so I cut it)

Curls & waves- my Remingtons did a great job!  I love how it curls fast and the curls stayed (hairspray yehhh) and although it got a little dry from heat staying, and tangled a bit I was able to restore moisture and reduce tangling with my [Argan oil spray]

Conair Rods/rollers (pic at beginning)- It took me forever to figure out how to use it! but I finally did. because the Hot rollers don’t cause a drastic change on hair (and doesn't last long either :( ) I have to pre straighten the hair first before using the rods for body. This is as straight as its gonna get

that’s my hair update for this month Smile

month 2
10 months to go

Currently listening to: Pressure by Andy Mineo
omg the electric guitar in this song is awesome. at the beginning and at the end.
must LEARN to play this.

That’s all for my monthly update.
Have a blessed day loves,

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