Friday, October 5

ecoTOOLS Bamboo 5 piece Brush set


All those with incredulous sensitive skin say ayyeee.
For the past few years I have been content with any face brush that I could grasp/buy for my face. elf and the color workshop were my cheap favorites. I didn’t care because I barely used them. I loved sponges better and didn’t need to use them. I also hated blushes and I had no idea what setting makeup was so why bother right?

until this year when I started wearing more blush, and setting my makeup. all thanks to bbcream.
then I had to watch out for what brushes I used on my face. The brushes I currently had were very coarse  (elf studio & kabuki) and would turn my face red and itchy even after all the makeup! sigh. Just like the stipple brush did. SO I had to start searching for good brushes, and a cheap one too ( cause me no got mullah to waste oh).

That’s when I remembered eco tools, and bought this set from for 10 bucks. it’s a good deal because all I needed were the face brushes. the other three were extras. (I don’t wear eye makeup that much so I don’t need the brushes that often).


I already had one really good really soft face brush by [Bella Terra cosmetics] but when I looked it up the price made my [jaw drop]. It was given to me by an old roommate who didn’t wear makeup and she gave me (very nice of her). This brush however is REALLY good. like worth the price, very soft and nice. I wanted another one so that I could clean it as often and won’t have to wait for one set to dry since I use it everyday.  I will be comparing my eco tools to this brush and elf.


The bristles are soft and nice, and do not irritate my overly sensitive skin. The size is tiny. I was amazed at how small the kabuki brush is. its very portable all can fit in the small bag, my favorite is the concealer, foundation and kabuki brush. I love the concealer brush a lot. it is perfect for blending concealer or creamy eye makeup.

This set is indeed sensitive approved Open-mouthed smile
and Ore approved Winking smile

Thank you guys for all your comments and Interaction on TPN. I am really grateful <33 I have been so busy but I promise to check back on blogs please be patient with me Smile

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Just sayin…lol

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