Monday, October 29

Last weekend of October :D

2012-10-28 14.49.33

October is about to end, and I am still not done with goals, posts, study goals, plans….sigh…on to the next month shall we?
This weekend I got a chance, in my busy schedule to hang and to take pictures as well (it rarely happens I tell you~ most of my pictures are selcas )

Picture above is my band of brothers, who are also an actual band L to R (Bobby (Keys), Re (Bass), Shinji-chan (Guitar), Dara (Drums) and Reece (manager/Voice ~ pic below)) I finally convinced them to play some covers with me next year, when I am less busy. I am so excited I have created the list of songs ! I cannot wait! next is convincing them to help me with songs I wrote as well lol.
This shall be interesting.

2012-10-28 12.17.14

2012-10-28 14.47.00
2012-10-28 14.47.06
2012-10-28 12.19.262012-10-28 14.49.51

After church we wanted to celebrate Shinji-chan’s 20th (yay!! he's no longer a baby!! ). We went to the Highlands but, unfortunately when you have two engineers (Re & Shinji-chan (student)) and two high school students (Reece & Dara) with you apparently NO decision would be made it took us almost an hour to decide what to eat with Bobby (the computer scientist- student) trying to solve the problem analytically and me just being hungry and wanting to sit down, and eat…….and craving coffee.

2012-10-28 18.34.02
2012-10-28 18.00.23
2012-10-28 18.39.34

We finally Settled for Mimi’s CafĂ©, supposedly a homey french restaurant, and it was good. Every body loved their food and I had my coffee, and a taste of everybody’s meal. lol.

2012-10-28 18.52.562012-10-28 19.06.442012-10-28 19.06.502012-10-28 19.06.592012-10-28 19.07.042012-10-28 19.07.092012-10-28 19.07.15

Can you guess which one is mine? haha
hint it has seafood. lol.
The bread was SOOO good as well and their price wasn’t so expensive either. 
this restaurant might be my joint lol.

Overall I had a chill Sunday, we were supposed to eat real quick and play Mortal Kombat Fatality (Best game evarrr) at Reece’s house but we ended up chilling and relaxing at the restaurant (like non-nerdy people sigh) finally lol.

How was your weekend?

Currently listening to: Home by Ellie Goulding
I am obsessed with her now, lol as of today I got all her songs on the Bright Lights CD, she reminds me of Lights. expect her to show in the next 2 or 3 Music notes lol
this song is dope.
nuff said.

happy Monday y’all,
Ore :)

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