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October Glam Bag 2012


I finally subscribed to ipsy. I was a little wary at first but after weighing the good and the bad reviews and even the hater for no reason reviews I decided to subscribe. I’m gonna try and stick to one year of subscription no matter what. SO I can do an overall review etc. before I sign up for another type (like Birch box). To be frugal I'd rather keep one continuous subscription to my credit card per year. I don’t wanna do more than one hence the reason I didn’t sign up for BB. Last year it was Wild games (so fun! ~ I love playing games having wild coins are cool). Sadly I was cleaning my computer and I deleted about 200+ wild coins (I get about 50 a month) *[face palm]*. I still have about 150 that I haven't used so I will manage that for a year. I’ll just play free games and such.

OK back to my glam bag. This month was my first month and I was kinda impressed really.
I loved the bag I was enamored by it. Its really pretty. looks like those .99c-$3 bags you get at F21. Which is cool because I have a thing for Makeup bags. I love collecting them lol.


October 2012 Ipsy –$10.00

1 makeup bag
Coastal scents Eye shadow Set 8 [sample]
Couture Color Pequi Oil Treatment 0.5oz- $12.00
The Balm What's Your Type? The Bodybuilder Mascara [Sample]
Be A.... Bombshell Eye Liner in "Onyx"- $14.00
Mirenesse Lip Bomb Glossy Lacquer Stain in Reds Lip bomb 2- $35.00

so all in all this bag cost- $61.00

I decided not to add any estimated costs or samples because you can easily get samples and makeup bags as a free gift from other places. SO only the products that are actually priced are the ones I will recognize as full products.

SO lets review each product….

The Makeup Bag


The makeup bag is sturdy and pretty. I have been using it since it arrived (around the week of October 10) I thought it was gonna be flimsy and cheap but I was wrong. Love it!


Couture Color Pequi Oil Treatment


Claim: Instantly absorbing COUTURE COLOUR PEQUI OIL® TREATMENT is luxurious, alcohol-free, virtually weightless on hair. Dull, damaged hair is 600% stronger with a 250% improvement in shine after one application.* Works its magic on every hair type, every day, in so many ways: as a pre-shampoo treatment, pre-blow-drying for smooth, sleek hair, post-blow-drying to calm frizziness, flyaways, or any time for extra softness, shine.
My Opinion: I was quite impressed with this oil. Its similar to the serum like argan oil but will weigh hair down more than Argan oil would do. It detangles, softens and fights frizz like it claims. However it said something on the package that made my eyes Huge lol it said you can blow dry with it but cannot use other heat appliances and gave a warning about catching fire. I found that quite weird like why would it be flammable? I don’t understand. I was too scared to try it with heat. I used it in my mega mix for detangling my hair. It worked wonders on it I love it more than argan oil, but its just too expensive.
will buy full-size?: no. It’s too costly.


Coastal scents Eye . shadow Set 8


from L to R Elven Midnight (metallic shimmer), Candlelight (satin), Deep Eggplant (shimmer), Vibrant Blue (matte)

The colors of this palette are beautiful. Yepp another smokey to add to my never ending collection of smokey eyeshadow sets (I have 18…) lol. I’ve stopped buying eyeshadows because I have too many smokeys and golds. My last buy would be the coastal scents world series (3 of them) and that’s it till I finish my current collection or they expire. I am not complaining though. I’ve always wanted to try Coastal scents and I was excited to receive these. They are beautiful and very nicely pigmented. I really love the deep eggplant. dark blues are my fave. This would make the perfect non-black smokey eye look.

Be A.... Bombshell Eye Liner in "Onyx"


I was very pleased with this eyeliner as well. This is because I was already running out of my elf and the marker tip had bent Sad smile So a felt marker black eyeliner was on my shopping list. And since I received this, there’s no need to buy another one. The felt tip is sharp and sturdy and it creates beautiful lines (although not stiletto thin), but it’s perfect for me because I love my eyeliners thick and winged kpop style.

The Balm What's Your Type? The Bodybuilder Mascara


Claim: This long-lasting, clump-free mascara boasts a highly pigmented formula, and deep-black finish that won't smudge, smear or weaken throughout the day. Specially formulated with Vitamin E, Panthenol, and Bamboo, "The Body Builder" works to condition and strengthen lashes to their fullest and foxiest. It's just what you need to build impressive body, without breaking a sweat
My Opinion: what I love about it is that it would give you dramatic beautiful lashes, for me it lengthens more than volumizes in my opinion. I Like this mascara because it does make your lashes pop and the brush gets to the tiniest of hairs. However, since its not waterproof, it can give you raccoon eyes if you mistakenly rub and it clumps really BAD. I don’t want to blame the mascara for the clumping, because God knows whether it was brand new or freshly made etc.
The mascara wasn’t sealed so I cannot tell if it was old or new but when I got it, it was dry looking and messy/flaky in the tube, I was even kinda wary if it was pre-used or something, but I haven't had any kind of infections or reactions since I used it for the past week so I’m guessing no is the answer to that. But there is a possibility that its old and was stored up in a warehouse somewhere lol before being sent in glam bags because it was super dry. I added water and the clumping reduced.
Will buy full size?: maybe. If on sale. I wont pay $20 for it, if it really clumps I’ll be super mad lol

Mirenesse Lip Bomb Glossy Lacquer Stain in Reds Lip bomb 2


Claim: A Revolutionary color that combines gloss, stain and lacquer all in one!
A satisfying NEW INNOVATION in lip color; beyond gloss, stain or lip lacquer. Color that drenches your lips for a juicy high impact color that's feather-light and super-moist with a velvety finish. Power packed with non-smearing pigment that lasts and lasts. Colors may be mixed easily to create countless intense or nude looks depending on your fashion mood! Infused with a breath refreshing mint taste and Lip Perfecting Spheres plus caring vitamins. Who says you can't have it all?, Apply a small amount and mix shades to create your own personal shade! Infinity Lip™ Applicator allows for professional application of precision color. Don't apply too much! It's better to apply a thin layer first then build it up if you want more color. For extra long wear pair with a matching lip liner.
Key Ingredients:
• Lip Perfecting Spheres,
• Botanical Oils & Vitamin E
• Formulated for Sensitive Skin, Mirenesse Cosmetics are pharmaceutically formulated using organic Australian and safe, high quality and unique ingredients to minimize the risk of allergies.

My Opinion: My favorite item from this bag. Since I got it I have been wearing it EVERYDAY. lol no joke. I can't believe its so expensive!! It was worth it. This lippie is more like a stain but wont last long. The formula is creamy but not glossy (which I love) and not too matte so its not drying on the lip. A little goes a very long way. One dab and spread around your lips and you’re good to go. I kinda wish I got the pink one though, but its ok. This color is perfect for fall, plus I need more red lippies.

PS: Sorry I look so haunting in the pics I was pretty much very exhausted that day lol.
Mehn I look scary. Happy haloween. LOL

I loved the October Glam bag, and I think it was worth my $10 and free shipping. Looking forward to November.

How about you guys? what do you think of the October Glam bag? did you like it?

Thanks for reading!!

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