Saturday, December 29

Let’s Talk Skin

If you thought this post was gonna teach you on how to get whiter, i am sorry. wrong post. So sorry. Honestly there’s no healthy or safe way to get “whiter”  I am no doctor, but from what i learnt in the sciences during my undergrad. Hydroquinone is not generally safe. and the “effective” levels are quite carcinogen-ous. And by getting lighter, i mean “bleaching your skin”. if you just wanna lose your tan.. have patience and slap on sunscreen religiously, use some skin vitamins that fight oxidation (tanning), your skin would eventually regenerate.
So i do apologize. i have no tips on bleaching cause i wouldn’t even dare try it.

Tuesday, December 25

…and to all a good night.

Merry Christmas everyone!!! hope y’all had a good day!! I sure did!! it snowed like I wished and I got to wear this new dress I had been saving since late summer!

Wednesday, December 19

December Colossal Update

Hello loves!!
It is the fourth month of my hair and I am loving the way I style it!!
I have drastically changed it since the first month I got it [pic here]
I have cut so much and colored it lighter!!
like dang!!
I get bored easily!

Friday, December 14

November faves

last month I had a few favorites, tried to cut it down. seems I cannot fins a balance between the numbers. I shall, one day, anywasys here are my five top favorites of November. I am obsessed with them and I love them so much!

Wednesday, December 12

The overused sweater

1355352655131We all have that one item which we tend to over wear all the time and mix with every outfit we own. For me it is this sweater. I cannot get enough of it.
Was supposed to wear a copy of it in grey which the ups man just brought from agaci this afternoon but I removed the grey and slapped on the pumpkin color. It reminds me of pumpkin lol
Now I want some pumpkin pie.....
Or a pumpkin spiced latte.
Mmmmnnn pumpkiiin

Friday, December 7

Ben Nye Banana Powder Vs. elf Mineral Booster

I finally bought the Ben Nye Banana Powder!! It was so Hyped all over Youtube that I was curious to see what it would do, and in short, I wasn’t disappointed at all. So I decided to do a round two of the Yellow fight. This time, the winner of [Round 1] elf mineral booster vs ben Nye.

ROUND 1- Benefits Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder- Formerly known as Visage Poudre Luxury Powders, these ultra-neutral powders provide superior matte and subtle finishing. Often compared to French powders with silky-fine textures. the Ben Nye Bella line of powders are translucent with just a hint of color.
Give: 4/5
Achieve the ultimate, translucent "photo finishing touch" to your makeup, our Mineral Booster melts into your skin, infusing it with key vitamins A, B, and E to promote healthier skin that’s noticeably silkier and smoother. Completely sheer and ideal for all skin tones, Mineral Booster gently absorbs oil and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and pores for a beautiful even finish. Wear alone or buff over our Mineral Concealer and Foundation to lend extra staying power and to achieve a professional and stunning porcelain matte look that will last all day.
Give: 5/5

ROUND 2- Size
Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder- 8oz
give: 5/5
Mineral Booster- 0.17oz
give: 1/5
I got the largest size of the Ben Nye because they run out so quickly. It is the biggest of all the Banana Powders I have researched, and the mineral booster is the smallest.


ROUND 3- Does its Job? Redness? Sensitivity? Glow?
Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder
give: 5/5
Mineral Booster
give: 4/5
The Ben Nye Powder corrects redness more than the Mineral Booster. It is more pigmented, More yellow, and has more brownish gold glitter in it which gives a glowy look when applied on the skin. It also covers redness as well.

ROUND 4- Whitish Cast
Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder
give: 4/5
Mineral Booster
give: 4/5
I think they are both on the same level when it comes to whitish cast.


ROUND 5- Texture & Moisture
Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder
give: 5/5
Mineral Booster
give: 4/5
The Ben Nye particles are really fine, feels like rice powder, the powder isn't as soft as the elf High Definition Powder but it is softer than the Mineral Booster which is a little coarse so it kind of defeats the point for “Sensitive skin” It is not drying and It hasn’t irritated me yet but the texture is not so touchable. It feels like cornstarch. Actually, it is cornstarch.

ROUND 6- Cost
Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder- $23.99
give: 3/5
Mineral Booster- $5.00
give: 5/5
Mineral Booster WINS this round because it is cheaper than Ben Nye.

Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder
give: [4.17/5]
will purchase again?: YES
Mineral Booster- 0.17oz
give: [3.83/5]
will purchase again?: YEPP
the WINNER is Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder!!

Currently listening to: Have your way by Britt Nicole
Very beautiful song. love it.
What do you guys think? Has anyone tried Ben Nye?
Thanks for reading loves,

Ore :)

Wednesday, December 5

Correcting yellow elf HD vs Mineral Booster

DSC061741After dealing with ith the frustration of looking whitish or redness even with setting powder, I decided to venture into trying banana powder. I don’t exactly think this is banana powder, but it is close. I love the idea of a yellow setting powder that would help offset redness on the face and also set makeup. I couldn’t decide which one to buy, but I wanted to try the cheap ones first, and couldn’t find any review that favored one over the other so I bought both the elf HD and mineral glow powder, so this post is gonna be a comparison post.

Sunday, December 2

November 2012 glam bag

This month’s glam bag wasn’t a disappointment either. I am still impressed with it. I kinda like being subscribed because it has done a dramatic cut on my impulsive makeup spending. since I get new items to try every month I have stopped randomly purchasing items “in case” I get em’ in my glam bag.
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