Wednesday, December 19

December Colossal Update

Hello loves!!
It is the fourth month of my hair and I am loving the way I style it!!
I have drastically changed it since the first month I got it [pic here]
I have cut so much and colored it lighter!!
like dang!!
I get bored easily!

speaking of bored, I am thinking of attempting to dye it again by bleaching it with two or three developers to lift it with a two toned look and for the next time I re install it. then giving it a break because I have no idea what to do to it next other than cutting it shorter………………………………….

which is something I should not do. lol
I am thinking of this style in color more of a two tone balayage

but more blonde on top and dark color on bottom
so excited!! ahhh!!
ok on to the update…
Shedding: StarStarStarStar
it has started shedding a little but more, when I comb, or brush but not when I run my fingers through it so it’s still good
Tangling: StarStarStar
it tangles more than last month
Matting: StarStarStarStarStar
None at all ( I pray it stays that way!! )
Dryness: StarStarStarStar
It gets dry a lot. I have resumed moisturizing at night
Overall:Red heartRed heartRed heartRed heart
Still in love with this hair!
4 months months down
8 months to go!
tried an updo with my hair and loved it!!
I also straightened it perfectly!! and was rocking that rocker look I imagined!!

here’s the video of me straightening it!

well that is my update for this month on this hair!! still loving it!!
Thanks for reading,

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