Sunday, February 19

Zoya Layla


Friday, February 17

KleanColor polishes :p

Finally got to swatch and post the kleancolor Nailpolishes from Lizzy’s giveaway that I won around Christmas. It took me so long!! I will do the zoya in a separate post.
just because.
its been a while since I did a lot of NOTDS at once, I have totally forgotten how to do it. smh.
My hands are not looking too good (but don’t worry, this is the last time (well after zoya) you’d see me swatch messy nails) I have found the EUREKA for a perfect mani (patience and a lot of other things haha). so my next notd would be neat, clean cut and professional.
I also would be doing a post on how I do my manicure routine (I have a lot of routine videos coming up!!)  this is actually for my best friend, she requested it because she wanted to know how I did my manicure so cleanly in one of my instagram photos.
OK lets  get on to the review!
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