Thursday, August 29

Relationships…they are not about attraction, they are about values…

Yes. all of them. Physical attraction is a value. so it can be categorized under them. Ever wonder why some relationships don’t work, or some never start because you can’t see anything wrong with your self but the person doesn’t show interest in you?

Correct me if I am wrong, but I feel like people try to match up with others who do not share the same values they embody. What are values? values are the concept of worth. Things you embody. things you find important, things you put first. They could be personal, cultural, ethical or religious.

Monday, August 19

I don’t see this as normal…

Maybe I am the oddball here…but I choose not to accept social norms or culture as normality. Am I the only one seeing something odd in this?
slaving away in the kitchen cooking food for a guest you invited while you are sitting on the couch flipping through your ipad or gadget
why cant you help me with the cooking? why can't you help me clean AS I cook?
YOU invited the guest but I do the work

Wednesday, July 31

Last week, Party and Back to US


This was my last week in China and was very funn!

Tuesday, July 30

Downtown Fun in Kunming 2


Saturday, July 27

Downtown fun in Kunming

We headed down-town for fun and explored the area!!

eploring the area again

There are times we had free-time or went to visit other schools, these pictures are about exploring different areas of town, out of town, in nearby towns….
China3 019

Tuesday, July 16

Minority Village Part IV

oreos pics 191
more of the  butterfly studio…………..

Minority Village part III

victor trying to chew off a bamboo stick…………….

Sunday, July 7

I don’t think people grasp the concept of giving….

Whenever I give something to a person I lose all mental attachment to that item. Before handing it to the person, in my heart, it is decided that the owner is no longer me. I honestly think that’s the best way to give carefree-ly because you don’t even remember to keep track of what u gave or to feel like you lost something etc.

Thursday, June 27

Minority Village Part II

Took a LOT of pictures that day at the minority Village, had to divide em’ in little parts……

Tuesday, June 11

Visiting the Minority Village

Towards the middle of the week, we all visited the Minority village to look at the Different ethnicities in KunMing, their traditions and practices.
It was a nice day, and we saw pretty interesting stuff, and took a lot of videos (which should be located in the video page of the China Missions page under Features)
Thank you for taking your time to read and view the pictures, I have about a few more albums coming soon…

Sunday, May 26

Visiting the Church & Praise Concert

So we visited a government church downtown, and I was kinda surprised it wasn’t as I expected, they were lively and in-fact, the person who preached the sermon was female. Which is surprising for a very conservative culture as compared to the United States where some churches wouldn’t even let females be in leadership positions…
the sermon was good, she preached on JOhn 15. It was in Chinese but I recognized a few words and kinda followed through a bit. O the days when I used to understand fluent mandarin….
they made us perform and sing, it was fun doing such and I also had so much fun with Chinese praise and worship (check the videos section to see the ones I manageably recorded while jumping in excitement lol).aKEVIA CHINA 778

Friday, May 17

NOTD: I Can See The Sunshine…..


It’s been a while, hasn’t it? since I did some sort of beauty post eh? I have just been busy trying to backup all my China2011 pictures since my laptop crashed and I needed an organized way of doing them. I would get back to regular posting soon. well, I shall seep it in here and there lol.
As for videos not until July. Too busy right now. and would get busier then but at least I’s have one day a week for a break so its cool!!

Monday, May 13

Karaoke fun

Karaoke. The place where you share your social awkwardness and skill with your friends We spent this day with a presentation on music and arts by one of the students and then headed downtown to karaoke together…it was overall, fun!! I love karaoke…with less people of course lol

Friday, May 10

Somwel’s Teashop Round II

Part two of the Tea Shop excursion!! we went there a second time! (cannot resist good tea…or coffee…)

Wednesday, April 24

Somwels Teashop and Noodles

while we were in China we visited a nice teashop and watched a ceremonial tea service
The Teashop was beautiful, we drank Puer tea, famous in KunMing
We also went to lunch for noodles which was delicious. They’re the best rice noodles I have ever had.
I’m gonna have to try to make them pretty soon.

Friday, March 29


So I’m not the competitive type….
I’m just too chill, my personality is A, of course, I plan I organize and I am on my feet when it’s dire but when it comes to competition and some other things, my mind just shuts off. But I also have that personality in which I would do anything to prove a point. SO that overrides my chill. Like I remember when I was in college and there was this cute guy and he was good-looking and fiiineee

Are we contradicting our own values?

A thought went through my mind as I had a nice heated discussion with a close friend. It is now a question which I cannot seem to push out of my very own mind. So distracting I have to put my books away and type this as I sort out my thoughts. I ask this question because it seems a norm for everyone to live their lives in cognitive dissonance. Many people in this world will do things that go against their value system and beliefs; yet are OK with it.

Friday, March 22

Chilling & Exploring Kunming

Once we got the hang of things, exploration was the next task. We attended classes in the morning then were free for the rest of the day to explore the rest of town with our partners…….

Monday, March 11

China, The Beginning

hello all,
so I decided to revamp and reconstruct the China 2011 posts and pictures, expanded, sorted and edited for easy access and visibility, the next few posts would be about China, and omg there are so many many many pictures…
(left) the group at the first meeting with the professor. (right) filling out applications and passport info etc

Sunday, March 10

It’s cool to have that one friend who has so much in common with you


I didn’t realize how much I missed Anichan till we hung today. We haven’t hung out our usual style (Chinese food, a movie, and baking) in a while. Today we both chilled at church and watched a lot of k-pop videos on the slow internet connection. She is now in love with Epik High. yesssss. hahaha

After the Groove code was done practicing, we headed home I got my wallet, changed into some comfy shoes, and headed for the Hong Kong Market. Rere dropped us on the way to work and we walked back home.  The walk seemed short. Maybe because we were chatting lol

Sunday, February 10

Becoming more human

I think my personality is changing and I don’t like what is going on…

Thursday, January 10

Unjustifiable Creeper-Like Behavior

Just had a few thoughts running through my mind as I take my not-so-deserved study break. I find it kind of interesting how a person can display one personality to somebody, and display another entirely different personality to another. This being on the basis of the person having feelings for one of them. Of course, this is quite common, of course, its human behavior but it is expected that one should be able to control such unjustifiable behavior.

or is it that it cannot be controlled? I don’t understand how a guy can be totally sweet and nice to a friend of someone who would say nothing but endless praises of such guy and then be a creeper towards another female just because he is attracted to her. It is all too common, in fact, I have seen such traits in my own brother. I am indeed so quick to point it out to him.

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