Thursday, January 10

Unjustifiable Creeper-Like Behavior

Just had a few thoughts running through my mind as I take my not-so-deserved study break. I find it kind of interesting how a person can display one personality to somebody, and display another entirely different personality to another. This being on the basis of the person having feelings for one of them. Of course, this is quite common, of course, its human behavior but it is expected that one should be able to control such unjustifiable behavior.

or is it that it cannot be controlled? I don’t understand how a guy can be totally sweet and nice to a friend of someone who would say nothing but endless praises of such guy and then be a creeper towards another female just because he is attracted to her. It is all too common, in fact, I have seen such traits in my own brother. I am indeed so quick to point it out to him.

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