Thursday, January 24

2013….a PhotoDiary of events

It’s been a while since I have been motivated to post,
I just haven't been feeling it since I was sick
meh it’s just been a week or two………….! so how’s everyone doing? I have been wanting to put my #ootd for the first Sunday of the year, the 6th.
I love this dress, was also tailored by the lady who did the other two (the one I wore on Christmas, in the summer and Batwing blue)
I love her handiwork, she is so talented
this is one of my favorite dresses I love the way it flows like a ball gown.

belt- London, Purse- gifted, Sweater- Mandee, Scarf- stolen from my mom lol, shoes-aldo

Had fun taking pics with friends that Sunday, we all dressed up in similar colors accidentally lol, it wasn’t pre-planned I promise lol

Tunji & Rere
that was the last of my Christmas holiday, I had a great holiday. I think it was the best ever because I gave up on trying to busy myself with academics and just enjoy life with friends.
Which just goes to my one new year’s resolution for 2013….
in everything I do. Live life to the fullest. because I will never get that time back.
so if I chill, I shall chill very well, if I study I study hard….
because I will never be 22 again, and when I am 30 I want to look back in my twenties and see that I did not spend most of it in my bedroom, secluded, studying and blogging lol

oh yeah and also try to say hi to everybody I meet regardless of their motive
and… three times a day
eat more sugar as well… (I am hypoglycemic but I hate sweet stuff…which isn't good)…

even though I had been sick I managed to edit a past filmed video for rainy weekends last last, and it was the Naked Beauty Balm review and demo, please check it out if you haven't yet, thanks!!
That is all for now, Thanks for reading!!

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