Friday, January 11

What’s in my makeup bag…a tag

the very lovely Lena tagged all her followers to share what is in their makeup bags, and I love tags, so I decided to do it. I usually change my makeup bag every week and my brushes as well so this was the one I was using this week..

the bag was from target. back when target was doing those mini coupon bags. Target bag. I heard they don’t do it anymore, is that true? hope not. I love target bags. I am more entranced with the bag than the items in it though.

I have a thing for makeup bags…………
my theory through life is to never get stranded or stuck in a situation in which you have to beg help from anyone, usually I am quite independent and hate asking for help if I can manage without it, some see it as pride I see it as, not having to bother people for something that I could have prevented….
which explains what I carry around in my purse. lol
1. a mini size banana setting powder I rarely use it, but feel distraught if I do not carry it. its an “incase of incasity” situation
2. holika holika facial lotion this is basically for whenever I have random skin irritations, and I need a quick calm down/moisture
3. eco tools brush for apply my banana powder and readjusting my makeup if needed
4. band aid. I am quite clumsy, and i feel like I should always carry one lol. being anal.
5. Marykay lengthening mascara (minisize)
6. march of dimes mirror
7. empty contacts case for emergencies
8. tide pen. I wonder if it still works lol. I’ve had it for a while. to remove stains.
9. Revlon lip balm stain [Review here]. current lipstick I was using at the time
10. Pepto bismol, mint, Lactase pills and Gas-X. all these are for food poisoning/nausea emergencies and whenever I want to eat anything that contains lactose in it
11.. small tissue
12. hair band. really, you never know when you want your hair up and away from your face lol
13. concealer duo. Milani cover and elf essential concealer for touchups.
14. combs. a small one and a big one. these have helped so much. never leave the house without em’
15. wet wipes. Summer’s eve feminine cleansing cloths. I use it everywhere lol its really gentle even on the face, cleans effectively (even some makeup) and doesn’t dry the skin out and smells sooo good!! plus 1 box is about 2 bucks!!

later loves,

Thanks for reading!!

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