Friday, March 29


So I’m not the competitive type….
I’m just too chill, my personality is A of course, i plan i organize and i am on my feet when it’s dire but when it comes to competition and some other things, my mind just shuts off. But i also have that personality in which i would do anything to prove a point. SO that overrides my chill. Like i remember when i was in college and there was this cute guy and he was good looking, not fiiinnne.

Are we contradicting our own values?

A thought went through my mind as i had a nice heated discussion with a close friend. It is now a question which i cannot seem to push out of my very own mind. So distracting i have to put my books away and type this as i sort out my thoughts. I ask this question because it seems a norm for everyone to live their lives in cognitive dissonance. Many people in this world willingly do things that go against their value system and beliefs; yet are OK with it.

Friday, March 22

Chilling & Exploring Kunming

Once we got the hang of things, exploration was the next task. We attended classes in the morning then were free for the rest of the day to explore the rest of town with our partners…….

Monday, March 11

China, The Beginning

hello all,
so I decided to revamp and reconstruct the China 2011 posts and pictures, expanded, sorted and edited for easy access and visibility, the next few posts would be about China, and omg there are so many many many pictures…
(left) the group at the first meeting with the professor. (right) filling out applications and passport info etc

SASA minihaul part3 MBD Vitamin C & 2 step winter bright pack


Sunday, March 10

It’s cool to have that one friend who has so much in common with you

I didn’t realize how much i missed Anichan till we hung today. We haven’t hung out our usual style (Chinese food, a movie and baking) in a while. Today we both chilled at church and watched a lot of k-pop videos on the slow internet connection. She is now in love with Epik High. yesssss. hhahaha After the Groove code was done practicing, we headed home i got my wallet, changed to some comfy shoes, and headed for the Hong Kong Market. Rere dropped us on the way to work and we walked back home.  The walk seemed short. Maybe because we were chatting lol

Wednesday, March 6

SASA minihaul part2 TCM Ginseng sleeping mask

The Chinese Medicine Masks series adopt the latest technology to extract the essence from the pure natural Chinese herbal medicine. It combines the traditional Chinese medical theory thoroughly with the modern beauty industry; therefore greatly enhance the effect of beauty nursing which especially suits for the skin of eastern females.
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