Sunday, March 10

It’s cool to have that one friend who has so much in common with you

I didn’t realize how much i missed Anichan till we hung today. We haven’t hung out our usual style (Chinese food, a movie and baking) in a while. Today we both chilled at church and watched a lot of k-pop videos on the slow internet connection. She is now in love with Epik High. yesssss. hhahaha After the Groove code was done practicing, we headed home i got my wallet, changed to some comfy shoes, and headed for the Hong Kong Market. Rere dropped us on the way to work and we walked back home.  The walk seemed short. Maybe because we were chatting lol
When we entered our neighborhood, these creepy Nigerian old guys tried to get us to go to their church event. tonight. Like I’m gonna jump in the car with strangers smh. Their approach was SOOO wrong! the called us out “hey beaurriful ladies” and said some mumbo jumbo then invited us to their church and asked us where we lived and we should come sing? lol smh 
THIS is why people don’t like Christians. its because these guys are being creepers and using Christianity as an advantage smh. Oh yeah we bought a lot of snacks, jello, shrimp chips, shrimp fries, seaweed chips, ramune, udon noodles, spicy beef jerky, and mochiii!! While we were snacking, we watched Tokyo dogs =). Awesomest drama ever!!
This day has been great!!
Ore :)

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