Sunday, May 26

Visiting the Church & Praise Concert

So we visited a government church downtown, and I was kinda surprised it wasn’t as I expected, they were lively and in-fact, the person who preached the sermon was female. Which is surprising for a very conservative culture as compared to the United States where some churches wouldn’t even let females be in leadership positions…
the sermon was good, she preached on JOhn 15. It was in Chinese but I recognized a few words and kinda followed through a bit. O the days when I used to understand fluent mandarin….
they made us perform and sing, it was fun doing such and I also had so much fun with Chinese praise and worship (check the videos section to see the ones I manageably recorded while jumping in excitement lol).aKEVIA CHINA 778

Friday, May 17

NOTD: I Can See The Sunshine…..


It’s been a while, hasn’t it? since I did some sort of beauty post eh? I have just been busy trying to backup all my China2011 pictures since my laptop crashed and I needed an organized way of doing them. I would get back to regular posting soon. well, I shall seep it in here and there lol.
As for videos not until July. Too busy right now. and would get busier then but at least I’s have one day a week for a break so its cool!!

Monday, May 13

Karaoke fun

Karaoke. The place where you share your social awkwardness and skill with your friends We spent this day with a presentation on music and arts by one of the students and then headed downtown to karaoke together…it was overall, fun!! I love karaoke…with less people of course lol

Friday, May 10

Somwel’s Teashop Round II

Part two of the Tea Shop excursion!! we went there a second time! (cannot resist good tea…or coffee…)
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