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It’s been a while, hasn’t it? since I did some sort of beauty post eh? I have just been busy trying to backup all my China2011 pictures since my laptop crashed and I needed an organized way of doing them. I would get back to regular posting soon. well, I shall seep it in here and there lol.
As for videos not until July. Too busy right now. and would get busier then but at least I’s have one day a week for a break so its cool!!

Just doing a quick NOTD. I have been enjoying the art of doing my nails and have become enthralled with nail polishes lately, despite my lack of patience for it drying…..oh well LOL
But so far so Good. I have reviewed two of these nail polishes before, they are Sinful Colors let’s meet, NailTini nail Laquer in Millionaire which I am in love with; I once complained that the glitter doesn’t last but now, with a good top coat it's really beautiful! and New York Color white Lights as a shimmer top coat to give it that iridescent glitter! I really love pretty yellows, perfect for spring…………………………………….or is it summer we are in? I lost track. oh, Texas……

Well, that is my post for today!
Thank you guys for reading, hello new subs love ya!! I know I have been lazy but hopefully, towards the end of the year, I'd be less busy!
took 4 grad school classes this spring…………….that was pretty much Hell. Never again……….but
I survived and that’s good :)

Overdoing it again with two summer classes and 20hours of work…..
This is gonna be interesting but by fall I would only have 3 left and can graduate with my master’s this year.
That’s all I care about so …….YAY!
lol ok, take care guys!


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