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SASA minihaul part4 BeautyDIY, Sana and more..

these were the original reason why I did this haul in the first place, I was in need of some serum and moisturizing cream for winter, my skin was being thirsty and my summer items were no good as it got drier…..

Lash Love……..

I wanted to to try falsies again, just in case I might actually like them and actually be skilled to use them. I have been eyeing the Jealousness brand and decided to try JS-506. Overall I love the style, its dramatic but simple and can look natural, for falsies I have come to love medium length and medium volume falsies, this was one of them.
It was really hard to find glue that works for my patience. I had bought the koji spring eyelash fix. (picture above) and had the craziest problems with it, it dried too fast, not sticky enough for my slowness and sluggishness. I feel like it is for pros lol. so I decided to get another glue and I purchased the DUP Eyelash Fixer EX 552 Clear type
By far, out of the 5 eyelash glues I have tried, this is definitely a fave. It dries fast and has a color indicator (blue) and sticks on perfectly. plus the applicator makes it super easy to use. It has make wearing falsies 50% easier!
I also got the Kai Compact Eyelash Curler which claims to be specially made so as to prevent skin sensitivity caused by metal. The pads of Kai Eyelash Curler contain antiseptic to protect your eyelashes and ensure high level of hygiene. Two pads are included (which I seem to have misplaced lol). I like the fact that it is small yet durable. I have had to throw 3 big metal lash curlers because they bent due to heat or just wont grab my lashes well. My eyes are super wipe and even this one doesn’t grab it all and makes a dent in my lashes, but I find it useful when it comes to curling lashes.
Since I have been having problems with the manuals, I decided to switch to electric. and so far I am in love with my Panasonic EH2351AC Heated Eyelash Curler It is so amazing! makes my lashes curl quite nicely and separates and seals my mascara! Plus the heat feels so good on my eyes, especially when they are tired.

Misccosmo White Label Premium Placenta Essence Toner

Misccosmo White Label Premium Placenta Essence Toner is a special toner that provides ultimate moisturizing to your skin.
This White Label Premium Placenta Essence Toner is Additive Free, and the Placenta is all 100% from Japan only. It contains rich moisturizing ingredient which with the combination of Collagen and Hyaluronic acid, it'll further strengthen the moisturizing level of your skin.
The toner is very rich that it actually has a thick density to it, and it can penetrate into your skin easily to create a flawless skin.
This toner will tone your face with more translucent look, moist, elasticity and shine at once.
how to use it
Apply a proper amount (size of a 10-dollar coin) to cleansed face and neck with fingertips or cotton pad. Gently massage into skin.

  • 【collagen】strengthen the moisturizing level of your skin:

  • 【hyaluronic acid】: high moisture-surging power 【hydrogenated rapeseed oil】: smoothen the skin
    I find this lotion quite interesting to use, its mildly moisturizing and gentle on skin but wont do much for dry skin during winter unless you mix it with some sort of face oil. I love using it with argan oil during winter time on my face and probably during summer I would be using it alone :)

    Sana Nameraka Honpo Soy Milk Cream

    Rich soybean Isoflavone content of Sana Nameraka Honpo Soy Milk Cream immediately hydrates the dry skin. Same as the hydrating effect of moisturizing mask. Gentle to skin, contains no fragrance, coloring and mineral oil.
    this has far become my favorite face cream!! I love its balm like moisture on the skin, its so soft and calming It relieves all sorts of dryness, itchy ness and irritation on skin. love it!!

    Beauty DIY Job’s Tear & Licorice Whitening Serum

    Beauty DIY Job’s Tear & Licorice Whitening Serum contains excellent effects of whitening, moisturizing, soothing, and repairing. It's easily absorbed and great penetration to skin; besides, it also provides intense repair effect to dull and freckles skin.
    Special added ingredients such as licorice extract, barley extract, Vitamin C, Glycosides, and Japanese rice extract provide a soothing moisturizing effect that helps repair, smoothen and even skin.
    how to use it
    After cleansing and toner (day & night), apply Job's tear & licorice whitening serum with suitable amount gently onto face and neck. Avoid eyes area.

    Job's tear extract, Licorice extract, Witch Hazel extract, Cucumber extract, Horse-chestnut extract, White tea extract, Oryza Sativa extract, Paeonia Officinalis flower extract.

    this serum lotion is pretty good for winter skin, it locks in moisture while keeping skin soft. I didn’t notice any brightening effect though. I like the texture of the lotion and what it does to my skin BUT omg the scent! I HATE it! I want to barf every time I apply it!! I don’t know if its natural “licorice” scent or something (I hate the scent of licorice too, so maybe that’s why) but gahh I wish there was a way to mask such a scent!1

    That’s my review for these awesome products!!

  • Thanks for reading!!

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