Wednesday, July 31

Last week, Party and Back to US


This was my last week in China and was very funn!

Tuesday, July 30

Downtown Fun in Kunming 2


Saturday, July 27

Downtown fun in Kunming

We headed down-town for fun and explored the area!!

eploring the area again

There are times we had free-time or went to visit other schools, these pictures are about exploring different areas of town, out of town, in nearby towns….
China3 019

Tuesday, July 16

Minority Village Part IV

oreos pics 191
more of the  butterfly studio…………..

Minority Village part III

victor trying to chew off a bamboo stick…………….

Sunday, July 7

I don’t think people grasp the concept of giving….

Whenever I give something to a person I lose all mental attachment to that item. Before handing it to the person, in my heart it is decided that the owner is no longer me. I honestly think that’s the best way to give carefree-ly because you don’t even remember to keep track of what u gave or to feel like you lost something etc.
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