Saturday, July 27

eploring the area again

There are times we had free-time or went to visit other schools, these pictures are about exploring different areas of town, out of town, in nearby towns….
China3 019
China3 020our namesontChina3 021
our names on the board and things that motivateus  tolearn………………..
China3 022China3 023China3 024China3 025China3 026China3-0271China3-0291China3 028China3 030China3-0311China3 032China3 033China3 035
they literarilly treated us likecelebs!! it was so muchh funmeeting thesestudents
China3 036China3 037China3 038China3 039China3 040DSCF5072DSCF5073DSCF5083DSCF5084DSCF5096DSCF5097DSCF5098DSCF5099
The teachersof theschool took us out to lunch
Peking duck…….well……”Beijing Kao Ya”
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