Thursday, August 29

Relationships…they are not about attraction, they are about values…

Yes. all of them. Physical attraction is a value. so it can be categorized under them. Ever wonder why some relationships don’t work, or some never start because you can’t see anything wrong with your self but the person doesn’t show interest in you?

Correct me if I am wrong, but I feel like people try to match up with others who do not share the same values they embody. What are values? values are the concept of worth. Things you embody. things you find important, things you put first. They could be personal, cultural, ethical or religious.

Monday, August 19

I don’t see this as normal…

Maybe I am the oddball here…but I choose not to accept social norms or culture as normality. Am I the only one seeing something odd in this?
slaving away in the kitchen cooking food for a guest you invited while you are sitting on the couch flipping through your ipad or gadget
why cant you help me with the cooking? why can't you help me clean AS I cook?
YOU invited the guest but I do the work
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