Monday, August 19

I don’t see this as normal…

Maybe I am the oddball here…but I choose not to accept social norms or culture as normality. Am I the only one seeing something odd in this?
slaving away in the kitchen cooking food for a guest you invited while you are sitting on the couch flipping through your ipad or gadget
why cant you help me with the cooking? why can't you help me clean AS I cook?
YOU invited the guest but I do the work
just because I am a woman?
and it is my job?
even if I cook better, or I am a skilled cook…
is cleaning a skill as well?
is assisting a skill?

Understandable, if I was a stay-at-home mom….ok I can say “that” is my job. BUT then again, don’t I get an 8-5 or something? I don’t know I just cannot see any reason why the kitchen is STILL deemed the woman’s place in some cultures…. I don’t feel comfortable observing such situations either. I want to speak out but I would probably be shunned as being too “American” or something.

AS FOR ME…. all I know is I WILL not slave away in the kitchen FOR NO ONE. As much as I love to cook and clean, it is not to be left for me to do while anybody chills on the couch.
To each his own. Whomever I partner with would be assisting me in the kitchen every day.

We both have full-time jobs. cleaning and cooking are not one of them, so, I do not see any reason why one person should do it all alone. And vice versa if He cooks, I clean and assist. And ALL my boys are going to learn that there is no sex deemed to cook or clean or take out the trash.

Yes. take out the trash. it’s not a “man’s job” why are we calling it THIS? how hard is it to take out the trash???  No sex gets the easier job, no sex is deemed to be "prepared to cook for her husband".

Sorry, no such thing. It's quite unnerving to watch I cannot imagine how furious I would be if it was happening to me. We cannot say we have an egalitarian relationship yet we do not practice it. And we cannot accept everything just because it is a cultural norm.
It's time we make a change.


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