Tuesday, December 31

Ore’s Nigerian Meatpies Recipe with a Twist!


Hello everyone!! One Thing I am hoping to do in 2014 is blog more. In-fact I have made a list of things to blog about and this is one of the first ones since it’s been a while since I have done any recipes. Today’s recipe would be Meatpies!!
Meatpies are a popular snack enjoyed by Africans and Nigerians all over the world it is quite similar to the British Meat-pie but different depending on the ingredients and looks different too.
BUT Nigerian Meatpies are very popular and delicious! it is somewhat a balanced diet it has carbs, protein, veggies, oils and vitamins! and here is my recipe!!

Friday, December 20

Ipsy GlamBag: November 2013 Review

This post is super late, but I still wanted to do the review just because all the items were super awesome, and it would be a shame to not review this month.
Especially since, the month before that, the review was quite a negative.
This month (November) we received six items instead of just five, to celebrate the Anniversary of Ipsy. Most of the items were full sized with two being kind-of samples but still a good size for it.
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