Wednesday, September 10

How I got vibrant red burgundy hair with Loreal and Manic Panic


Hello, readers!
SO it has been a while and I wanted to talk about my red hair, how I get my hair so vibrant and what I do to get my vibrant burgundy color.
This is my third time attempting RED so,  I think I am pretty well versed at the “dye-chronicles” and frustrations. Look at me making up words that make no sense….
OK, so there are two ways to get dark hair burgundy red.

Monday, June 16

MayVlog and PhotoDiary 2014: Ms. Oreleona, MPH


Hello!! Yes, I know…I haven’t been posting much lately…. BUT I did another video!! YAY!! It's more like a vlog of my graduation, Enjoy!! Also, have more pictures!!
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