Tuesday, December 23

Garlic Kale Pasta Recipe [with shrimp]

Good Afternoon!! It has really been a minute since I posted a recipe, some of it due to my laziness and some due to my lack of creativity. I have not been cooking lately, and whenever I have done some cooking, it was usually the same ol’ same ol’….LOL
so today I decided to try something new especially since I have a great love for pasta (YUMMM) and I recently discovered how kale could be quite amazing!!

Monday, December 15

An Update, December 2014

Wassaaaaapp!! I lately haven’t been blogging cause it became a chore lol. Which really sucks because back then I used to blog when I had to study, now I am no longer in school, I sleep during my free time, SMH. Well I felt like I would just do a little update, just to show that I am alive and kicking, still occasionally blogging….mostly about manicure mondays tho.

Sunday, December 7

The Face Shop Lovely ME : EX Paint Nails BK901

Happy Monday!
This week, I have an awesome manicure monday for y'all! The Face shop Lovely ME:EX Paint Nails in BK901!
The face shop just opened a Store behind my house this summer, seriously I have been there like up to ten times between June and November, just obsessed with the Store I tell ya! Some products are overpriced, like the Bb-creams but some things are crazy cheap! The nail polishes and the sheet masks are $2 as well as some lippies and tools!

Thursday, November 20

My Beauty Diary and Etude House Masks Review

Hello there!! Today I shall review some sheet masks by my beauty diary and Etude house! Honestly speaking I have tried a lot of mask brands and these are the ones in my top three, my beauty diary, the face shop and etude house. their solutions are very effective (moisturizing, brightening, serum, lotion) and they do what they claim, some even smell nice!

Monday, September 29

Sally Girl Doup

Just another sally girl purchase that i bought last minute at the store, the color reminds me of leaves, i love its creamy formula. It can be a little streaky, meaning you need multiple coats for it to be intense, but for it’s price. it is pretty good!

Wednesday, September 10

How I got vibrant red burgundy hair with Loreal and Manic Panic


Hello, readers!
SO it has been a while and I wanted to talk about my red hair, how I get my hair so vibrant and what I do to get my vibrant burgundy color.
This is my third time attempting RED so,  I think I am pretty well versed at the “dye-chronicles” and frustrations. Look at me making up words that make no sense….
OK, so there are two ways to get dark hair burgundy red.

Saturday, July 26

DressLink Haul, Review and OOTD

Hello there!
Today have a super late but quite important post! It's a dresslink haul!! I've been wanting to try stores like these for my clothes but I wasn't too sure of the quality of their clothes until I saw a very helpful and detailed YouTube review of the store. I gave it a go, and l am pleasantly surprised with the result!

Monday, June 16

MayVlog and PhotoDiary 2014: Ms. Oreleona, MPH

Hello!! Yes, I know…I haven’t been posting much lately…. BUT I did another video!! YAY!! It's more like a vlog of my graduation, Enjoy!! Also have more pictures!!

Saturday, May 31

NYX dream catcher palette: Dusk till Dawn

Hello!!! Today I shall review an eye palette! YAY!
This is currently my favorite palette to use right now. Even my BH cosmetics palettes don’t compare to this palette. I am so in love!
Introducing the Nyx dream catcher palette in dusk till dawn
I chose Dusk till dawn mainly because of the browns. I do brown smoky looks quite a lot and I needed a good palette that would work for an everyday look. Honestly I am not disappointed in it. For it’s price I find it amazingly good quality. I have other palettes with the same price range but bad quality, I find myself wishing to use my dream palette whenever I use other palettes lol.

Monday, April 21

My Winter Facial Routine (Dry/Combo Skin) [Nightime]


One thing that has made me work hard at my night routine are series of whiteheads from clogged pores. i think dreading the pop and pain on my forehead has made me kick the lazy habit of sleeping with my makeup on.
however i still use little hacks like grabbing wipes and jumping into bed on the laziest of days…but on other days such as Saturday mornings, Holidays and nighttime, i mostly do this routine…

Monday, April 7

My Current Best to Worst Bb-creams


Hello there!!
so today’s post is going to be about the bb creams I own. l am going to rank them and explain why. This is not a review, have reviewed two of them and I am working on another two. This is more like a preview of what is to come.

Tuesday, February 25

Bh Cosmetics Creme Luxe Lipsticks

I was so excited to  purchase these lippies, they come in beautiful, soft creamy colors that last quite a while for just $3.99.  The awesome thing about purchasing from bh cosmetics is that you get a free full sized palette or product. that is crazy awesome!! I got the party girl palette for free with my first purchase and then the California one with my second!

Thursday, February 6

Winter/Spring Korean Beauty and Skincare [Cosmetic Love] Haul

It’s that time of the year again, time to switch up stuff I use for the summer and replace all my face creams, lotions and washes with winter friendly items. the winters in Texas are harsh and dry. And with combination skin, my T-zone is still oily and acne prone, yet my cheeks and chin and everywhere else are really dry and itchy.
So, on to the review of these lovely items I geared up for winter-time.

Saturday, February 1

My Winter Facial Routine (Dry/Combo Skin) [Daytime]

Hello everyone! This post has been long overdue considering we are smack in the middle of  winter and Spring is fast approaching; However i still see some dreaded dry days of piling on various types of moisturizers for me…at least until i hit the summer which results in a face that looks like a skillet for making breakfast eggs.
Before i start with my routine, i will begin with my skin  type: extremely Sensitive Combination, Oily acne-prone Tzone. Dry and itchy yet acne prone cheeks and chin.

Friday, January 17

[Review] Revlon Matte Balms, Balm Stains & Lacquer Balms

Today i have a review on new balms! one of each! i got the lacquer and matte balm as a gift for Christmas from the bestie while the balm stain was a random purchase.
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