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My Winter Facial Routine (Dry/Combo Skin) [Daytime]

Hello everyone! This post has been long overdue considering we are smack in the middle of  winter and Spring is fast approaching; However i still see some dreaded dry days of piling on various types of moisturizers for me…at least until i hit the summer which results in a face that looks like a skillet for making breakfast eggs.
Before i start with my routine, i will begin with my skin  type: extremely Sensitive Combination, Oily acne-prone Tzone. Dry and itchy yet acne prone cheeks and chin.
and hyper pigmentation……and a buncha acne scars cause, well….I'm stubborn and i pick em….bad habit.
Allright….SO how do i care for such?
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When i wake up in the morning, I have two options to wash my face! St. Ives Naturally Clear Blemish & Blackhead Control Scrub, and Garnier SAKURA WHITE Pinkish Radiance Gentle Cleansing Foam .
Depending on how my skin feels i use these to wash my face in the morning. During winter, i use one foaming gentle wash, and one scrub. I try to scrub my face every other day. But since my skin is sensitive, i turns red and starts to get irritated if i scrub too much so i have to spread it out. I use a DlY Foaming Net for my foam wash and acne wash, to gently cleanse with bubbles
After washing, i tone with Neutrogena Rapid Clear 2-in-1 Fight & Fade Toner. This stuff is amazing! its gentle so it doesn't dry my skin out and not only does it work to fight acne, it fades the scars gradually
next step is eye cream; Missha Misa Yehyun Bon Eye Cream and lip scrub. I apply my Homemade DIY Lipscrub

It’s a mix of sugar, honey and olive oil. then i wipe it off in a scrubbing motion with Equate Soft & Smooth Shea Butter Wipes and then brush my teeth vigorously (i hate having sweet stuff in my mouth)
Then i apply a moisturizing winter-friendly-lipbalm
Then i finally apply facecream, Missha Misa Yehyun Bon Nutritious Cream, and sunscreen, OMI SOLANOVEIL Watery UV Milk SPF50+/PA+++. During winter; need A Facecream that is thick and creamy and also A sunscreen that protects, yet wont dry my Skin out. These two are pretty good For that
Finally, Before i set out, i apply some bbcream. Etude House Moistfull Collagen BB Cream SPF22 PA++ , Missha Misa Cho Bo Yang BB Cream SPF30 PA++, Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream SPF 42 PA+++, Lady Kin Confldence Nude Face BB Cream SPF 45 PA++, Garnier  Instant Fairness BB Moisturizer SPF 26 PA+++. I just began a habit of wearing makeup every time i leave the house. By makeup i mean bbcream. Why? because its skincare and i actually notice a difference in my skin when i use it daily. a drastic difference. During winter i try to stay away from my matte-type bbcreams and only use my moisturizing ones. I will be reviewing these soon...
I finally seal the makeup with my mega mix of gentle setting powders, Ben Nye Bella Luxury Powder in Banana, Milani Multitasker face powder in Tan & e.l.f. Mineral Booster in Corrective Yellow.
I break the Milani powder apart and mix them all together in a bowl.

  • Winter/Spring Cosmetic Love Haul

  • BenNye Banana Powder Vs. elf booster

  • Missha bb creams and a little Haul

    Oh yeah i have series of clogged pores and whiteheads on my upper-lip area, and forehead, and blackheads under my eye area.
    Before I continue with my routine, on days that I have time, I use a lotion mask for optimal nutrients. These two are my staple Winter masks by My Beauty Diary. Lemon Vit-C and Rice Mask
    I then use this 5 minute Kose Q10 eye mask after (only if I have time; of course-mostly on weekends). It helps with puffiness and dark circles as well as wrinkles
    The next thing i apply is Holika Holika Bulgarian Rose Serum. Need that moisturization boost! Then Etude House Moistfull Lotion, need to lock in moisture before final application
    That is It for my day routine, I will be posting my night routine soon.
    For  review of the Products I Listed in my face routine see here;
    Ore :)

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