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Winter/Spring Korean Beauty and Skincare [Cosmetic Love] Haul

It’s that time of the year again, time to switch up stuff I use for the summer and replace all my face creams, lotions and washes with winter friendly items. the winters in Texas are harsh and dry. And with combination skin, my T-zone is still oily and acne prone, yet my cheeks and chin and everywhere else are really dry and itchy.
So, on to the review of these lovely items I geared up for winter-time.
Moistful lotion contains boabab tree extract to smooth and moisturize dry skin for a replenished look. Moistfull is a balanced skincare line suited for almost all skin types and for general skin care regimen. Lotion absorbs quickly to provide immediate, soothing relief and balance skin moisture.
I find this lotion to be very interesting, when I first bought it, I thought its texture was too light and liquid-y, I was a bit disappointed and scared it wont fully moisturize my face and I would wake up with a dry and itchy face.
on the contrary, it is actually really moisturizing despite its texture. it locks in moisture leaving your skin moist and supple. Will definitely buy again.

Anti-aging eye cream. MISA revitalizing eye cream helps treat signs of aging, such as fine lines wrinkles, and shadows around eyes, contains ginseng water, wild ginseng extract, deer antler extract, and reishi mushroom extract for a more youthful and brighter appearance. The mild formula is free of paraben, colorants, triclosan, benzophenone, talc, and mineral oil.
I am quite impressed with this eye cream, its texture appears to be thick and balmy but it blends very well and is very creamy and moisturizing to the eye and lip area, I love that it smells amazing. (like ginseng- GOD I LOVE the smell of Ginseng) and I love that it comes in a great size. there is plenty of it and it would last long. it is hard to see immediate effects of eye creams so I cannot rate it one that, however one goo thing about it that I have noticed is that it blends well with my makeup and sunscreen etc. it absorbs fully into the skin so it does not mess or react with other things that are put on your face.


MISA Geumsul rejuvenating cream premium oriental cream for renewing and firming your skin with the dual function of wrinkle repairing and brightening.A unique product made with wild ginseng, deer antlers and reishi mushroom fermented and extracted based on gold, the MISA Geumsul series will boost the effectiveness of skincare and remove any toxins from your skin. Made with such noble ingredients, the MISA geumsul series rejuvenates your skin and removes any impurities from your face. With MISA geumsul, you will feel the innovative anti-aging functions and skin purification. Contains 100% genseng water instead of plain water, made with ginseng collected in geumsan, korea which is famous for the best quality of ginseng around the world. The ginseng water provides deep moisture to your skin.

half of these claims sound like BS…lol wtf..
This cream is a tad bit disappointing, although it appears to be thick and creamy, and it does go on smoothly, it does not lock in moisture. Its effect is temporary and if used alone without the etude house moistful lotion, I end up having itch spells caused by dryness a few minutes after. This cream isnt too ideal for extremely dry

Bulgarian ‘damask’ rose, has been cultivated since the 16th century, it is considered to produce the finest quality essence. Holika’s bulgarian rose oil and rose water is from the valley of roses in the kazanlak town and is made with the most delicate process. It provides a high-moisturizing effect and provides marvelous beauty to the skin. bulgarian rose is the same beauty secret that cleopatra used. extraordinary intensive moisturizing serum for normal to dry skin, contains precious bulgarian rose water and rose essential oil that leaves the skin rejuvenated and helps to retain moisture. It is also infused with other ingredients such as nutritive oil complex and manuka honey that revitalize and the nourish skin.
I have reviewed other products from this line before, to see that, click here.
this product was the reason why I purchased everything from cosmetic love, I love this line by Holika Holika, their products smell so…..majestic. Two facts about me, I love the smell of rose and the smell of ginseng. And those two factors influence my purchases of skin products. Mainly. lol.

Honestly i would give this store an A Average
Free Shipping/cheap shipping with tracking ($2.50 i think?)
LOTS of samples with your purchase (I was really overwhelmed !!)
Relatively cheap prices of the products (the serum is almost over $20 bucks in some stores)
I docked the plus because the shipping does take a while and i am kinda impatient.

That’s all for my haul Review, Thanks for Reading!
Ore :)

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