Monday, September 29

Sally Girl Doup

Just another sally girl purchase that i bought last minute at the store, the color reminds me of leaves, i love its creamy formula. It can be a little streaky, meaning you need multiple coats for it to be intense, but for it’s price. it is pretty good!

Wednesday, September 10

How I got vibrant red burgundy hair with Loreal and Manic Panic


Hello, readers!
SO it has been a while and I wanted to talk about my red hair, how I get my hair so vibrant and what I do to get my vibrant burgundy color.
This is my third time attempting RED so,  I think I am pretty well versed at the “dye-chronicles” and frustrations. Look at me making up words that make no sense….
OK, so there are two ways to get dark hair burgundy red.
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