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My Beauty Diary and Etude House Masks Review

Hello there!! Today I shall review some sheet masks by my beauty diary and Etude house! Honestly speaking I have tried a lot of mask brands and these are the ones in my top three, my beauty diary, the face shop and etude house. their solutions are very effective (moisturizing, brightening, serum, lotion) and they do what they claim, some even smell nice!
I noticed MBD (My beauty diary) has made some changes to some of their items, first the packaging has English on it and writes down the purpose of each mask so it makes it easier to shop for the right one (awesome!).
The masks have also changed their sheet, they’ve made it larger and it has a slit at the chin for the larger face types.

My Beauty Diary Rice Mask

Claim: *CosphingoTM The patented, naturally extracted long-lasting moisturizing ingredient CosphingoTM maintains healthy skin by sealing in water for improved hydration. Dry skin is moisturized so that the skin feels soft and supple like a baby's skin. The enhanced hydration meets the ultimate needs of the skin inside and out. Thorough Moisturizing This mask is enriched with Rice Peptides, which contains Ceramides and vitamin complex to nourish and hydrate skin. it also works to condition skin's natural mechanism. Blended with soy- peptides, it not only revitalizes and renews skin cells, but also improves skin's natural defense. Beauty Facts Rice,the staple food for most Asians, is rich in amino acids and vegetable protein, fueling bodily functions. The rice extract has skin-friendly substances that can form a barrier on the surface of the skin, retaining moisture and providing for a younger and more vibrant complexion.
Purpose: Deep moisturizing, soothing
Comment: This mask was serum like. although i hate serum masks and prefer moistful lotions, i was surprised at how much moisture it gave my skin!
Will buy again?: Maybe

Etude House i need you Green Tea Mask sheet


Claim: Essence Mask contains green tea extract that soothes and comforts stressed and fatigued skin.
Comment: creamy lotion which is very moisturizing and gentle on the skin, there was a lot of lotion left over when i squeezed the mask after use. The sheets are thick and almost cloth like but very nicely adhesive and they didn't irritate my eyes(the edges). This mask is very gentle on skin and moisturizes very well, my skin felt soft and moist after use.
Will buy again?: YES

My Beauty Diary Ginseng Mask DSC08361
Claim: My Beauty Diary Ginseng Mask repairs and rejuvenates damaged and aging skin for a more youthful, radiant complexion. By detoxifying skin and increasing oxygenation to skin cells, it effectively boosts collagen and elastin production. Great for all skin types, especially those with damaged and aging skin types.
Purpose: Repair, elastin
Comment: I BOUGHT THIS FOR THE GINSENG SCENT. Sadly, no smell. Surprisingly. Its consistency is more of a clear serum than a lotion, its not really moisturizing either, and dries out my skin and Itches after use. It is kinda disappointing cause I was expecting moisture. It does have a slight brightening effect This one is no good for Dry Skin though. Will be using it only during the summer.
Will buy again?: Yep

My Beauty Diary Bird’s Nest Mask

Claim: Deep-sea plants combined with rare ingredients from the sky {bird's nest} extraction, as well as with {undersea bird's nest} reputation of the {coralline algae} extraction, giving the skin the best cuisine enjoy the feast, the depth to enhance skin moisture, pour abundant nourish vitality and soothe dry expression of fine lines, get rid of the dull rough skin like a bird's nest-like translucent tender, backtracking compact profile regain elasticity, revealing baby soft white.
Purpose: Ultra whitening, nourishing and revitalizing
Comment: This masks is actually more amazing than I expected, it left my skin soft with a very nice glow, brighter and moisturized. I was not expecting it to do as it claimed but it pulled through. it has a sticky moist feeling after you take off the mask.
Will buy again?: Yes

One cool thing about MBD masks is that I found is that they sell on AMAZON FOR THE SAME price YAY!! Well now I don’t have to order from sasa anymore whoooo! (I usually ordered from sasa because it’s the cheapest there). But on Amazon it ranges from $13+ with shipping (sasa price) to $15+ with shipping (international price) but since I have prime I don’t pay for shipping (SCORE) so all in all I pay the basic $13-$15 which is a save for me!! I just recently bought the Best of 2011 set for $11.99 so excited!
Check out my beauty diary’s store on amazon!
Thanks for reading!!

Ore :)

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