Monday, December 15

An Update, December 2014

Wassaaaaapp!! I lately haven’t been blogging cause it became a chore lol. Which really sucks because back then I used to blog when I had to study, now I am no longer in school, I sleep during my free time, SMH. Well I felt like I would just do a little update, just to show that I am alive and kicking, still occasionally blogging….mostly about manicure mondays tho.

I have a lot of things to review, just haven’t gotten to it yet, I will soon! A lot of drafts are ready to post, I just gotta sit down, and type them up….yepp
SO lately I bought some Ribka picture shelves from IKEA to display my nail polishes. I am in love! it makes me happy to stare at my tiny collection, and prevents me from buying the same color twice because I am aware of what I own!
before XBOX music decided to be fake and start charging for streaming…le sigh! I had been obsessed with listening to my favorite childhood musician, Keith Green! he is freaking awesome!
I am so obsessed with this base coat! it is amazing! I bought it from sally beauty because I wanted my cart to have free shipping and when I tried it I was shocked! it not only made my nails stronger it helped it grow fast in like 2-3 days! my nails never grow at all because they’re too weak so they break before they get a chance to be long, but now…thanks to Nail savvy nail strengthener, I have long nails! eek!
I got a new phone case and I am in lovvee!! it’s the only thing that’s keeping me sane ‘cause I cannot afford a note 4 :( Le sigh…
It is pretty hard to keep clean because it is white, but thank goodness it is leather so it doesn’t get dirty easily
My lovely wall of inspiration LOL
Since I got a new tab I have been obsessed with reading! I re-read all of my favorite author’s books (Tamora Pierce), I even got a chance to read Melting stones (I have been wanting to read it for so long but my local library did not have it). Thank God for google books! Her Emelan universe is my favorite set of books!
I have been taking benadryl way too often cause of my body…le sigh..
I started drawing again! I bought a cute sketchbook from Ross for like $3.99 now I gotta fill it with designs…
I also got myself a nice hand sewing machine, it’s functional and portable but a pain in the neck to use.
I have been obsessed with wax candles lately, I love the plug-in versions cause It goes with the theme of my room.
These are the scents I currently own, my favorite is Tea thyme…so relaxing!
I AM IN LOVE WITH ROSS! they have the awesomest stuff! Reed air-fresheners! cheap cute notebooks and sketchbooks, the most amazingly perfumed YET FUNCTIONAL lotions and bath washes under $5.00 and they come in huge sizes!! and also lovely stuff for decorating the house (like my new intimates laundry basket below)….I am obsessed with the store now!
I have also been sorting through my cook books, I have been collecting magazine clippings of recipes since I was 13, so that’s like 12 years ago…wow…I started collecting them because I was hopeful that one day I would get to cook them…the cool thing is that now I had to separate them into 3 3inch folders because they are so many!!
I color-coded them and sorted them into categories, and now I finally have the chance to cook them! yay!

Currently Listening to: G-DRAGON – 미치 (MiChi) GO
one of my favorite songs by GD! The video is effing crazy but welp….that’s GD he cray cray!

Well that’s my update of what I have been doing this month, maybe I’ll do this monthly…maybe not…can’t really make promises, but….
Thanks for reading!!

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