Monday, January 26

Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish 311 Caramel Cupcake

I swear some of these pretty polishes don’t like me one bit. le sigh. I keep wondering why they don’t work with me :( I keep searching for the gorgeous ones but they keep failing me….I very very sad.
IDK for some reason the reviews on the rimmel 60 seconds nail polish caramel cupcake are quite different from what I experienced…I keep wondering if I had a bad batch, maybe a bad caramel apple (hehehehe…lol)

Wednesday, January 21

My Everyday Makeup routine


Good evening my dear readers! I decided to complete a pending draft since I couldn't sleep. This post is all about my everyday routine. On an everyday basis, I use medium coverage bb-creams. I also lean towards natural looking lipsticks or lipstains. I sometimes use glosses as well.

Monday, January 19

Nude Sweater and Curly bun

Hello there!! It has been a while since I have done a style post!!Mostly because I rarely dress up now-a-days. I usually am pretty casual and you don’t want to see me wearing sweats (eek!) lol. So today I decided to have my hair in a bun mostly because I was pretty much having a “bad hair day” and it came out looking prettier than expected.

Saturday, January 17

The Face shop Giveaway + The Face shop Lovely ME:EX Paint Nails PP407 REVIEW

Well hello there!! I spent my weekend at the face shop looking for items for my giveaway when my eyes rested on this gorgeous blue polish. Its creamy texture is amazing, and its color reminds me of Sally girl EPIC but a little darker.
The cool thing about the face shop near my house is that they're always doing sales on nail polish which I LOVE and you get free stuff with some purchases. the lady gave me a free Kim Soo Hyun calendar which I will be giving away!!

Monday, January 12

Revlon Nail Enamel 410 Dreamer

Some nail polishes are just crazily perfect, muy perfecto lol. This is one of them. I remember seeing a sky blue on a co-worker and then frantically searching for a similar color last summer. That’s when dreamer and I met. We fell in love for 2 weeks, I wore nothing but sky blue nails!

Monday, January 5

Sation nail lacquer Love at first byte

Why o why is it that all the gorgeous colors are the ones who take forever to dry!! Is it just me?
either way, I am still in love with this polish and I would wait for it and go though all the trouble for it. I got this polish in one of my ipsy bag many eons ago. I fell in love with the color at first sight (yes pun intended) lol.

Friday, January 2

My Complete Facial routine [Combination Oily and Sensitive Skin]

Harooo readers!
HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I made a resolution to blog more often, so blog I shall. I also re-vamped my blog (I am always doing so…le sigh) so if you see glitches anywhere, just know…#under construction.
I know I have done at least 3 different skin/face routine posts here, here and here. BUT there’s nothing I can do when my skin changes  :( so saddd really.
At first I had dry perfect skin…no acne…with a little sensitivity here and there….then it became combination with TONS of acne and very sensitive and dry on my cheeks…now my skin is Combination Oily and sensitive…I cannot completely call it oily because my cheeks still get dry on random days, so combination it is.
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