Monday, January 26

Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish 311 Caramel Cupcake

I swear some of these pretty polishes don’t like me one bit. le sigh. I keep wondering why they don’t work with me :( I keep searching for the gorgeous ones but they keep failing me….I very very sad.
IDK for some reason the reviews on the rimmel 60 seconds nail polish caramel cupcake are quite different from what I experienced…I keep wondering if I had a bad batch, maybe a bad caramel apple (hehehehe…lol)
Coats: Red heartRed heartRed heart
Drying: Red heartRed heart
Shine: Red heartRed heartRed heart
Intensity: Red heartRed heartRed heart
Price:Red heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heart
Rating: StarStarStar
Although streaky, one does not need much coats to get a gorgeous color. The polish however, fails its utmost promise. it does not dry in 60 seconds, it takes longer than my normal polishes to dry, I purposefully bought this because I am an impatient polisher and I wanted something fast, plus colors in these shades tend to be slow dryers (for me ) so I figured this one would be like the best of the best. nope. disappointment.
It does have a nice shine and intensity to it but the streakiness of the polish gets in the way. However, it is crazy cheap at $1.79 so that’s a plus! But I believe sally girl has better polish quality at a lesser price.

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Ore :)

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