Monday, January 5

Sation nail lacquer Love at first byte

Why o why is it that all the gorgeous colors are the ones who take forever to dry!! Is it just me?
either way, I am still in love with this polish and I would wait for it and go though all the trouble for it. I got this polish in one of my ipsy bag many eons ago. I fell in love with the color at first sight (yes pun intended) lol.
Sation love at first byte is a gorgeous peachy nude that makes your nails look classy AF!
Coats: Red heart
Drying:Red heartRed heart
Shine: Red heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heart
Intensity: Red heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heart
Price: Red heartRed heart
Rating: StarStarStar
Despite my undying love for this polish there are still some problems with it. The first thing is that to get the intensity as the bottle displays, you would need about 5+ coats of color and a bucketful of patience. It does not help that the polish does not dry fast either, in-fact that makes it even worse. However once you’ve climbed the mountain the polish has a magnificent gel-like shine with gorgeous intensity.
For price? it is over priced for it’s quality at $7.50. I would not buy again, instead I shall search for better dupes.

In other news, I found some old videos in my drive, I am re-editing and uploading them even though they might be cringe-worthy, but for documentation purposed and the fact that my YT account looks like a desert, I shall upload the oldies but goodies.

Thanks for reading!!
Ore :)

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