Tuesday, June 30

Another DressLink (mini) Haul [SP]


HELLO!! it has been a LONG while!!
I return with another dresslink review! this is not the first time i am shopping on this site, and would certainly not be the last. The first time, i did a review here. you can check that out! And no that was not sponsored at all. The second time i shopped on this site, was last Christmas when i got $50 worth of scarves for a friend and they were so gorgeous and warm that i had to steal a couple out of his Christmas gift lol. SO so far i have had great experiences with this company and i don't see why anyone should not shop there, of course, because it is international, there are a few things to know what to do and to have a great shopping experience.
Size: Asian L. Price: $3.35. I am in LOVE with this crop top!! it is super cute and the material is so soft, i need to purchase a high waisted skirt to wear this with, i am getting some style inspirations ^^. The top actually fit me nicely considering i forgot to check the measurements!


 Size: One size. Price: $6.14. This is a very cute sweater and i am really loving the idea of the lace off shoulder concept! It is very warm and not too thick but i do not think it is for summer in Texas lol. I shall be rocking it during fall and winter. The downside to the sweater is that it comes in one size and it is not “oversized” for me. It is actually a little too tight and the sleeves are 3/4 for me instead of full. but i shall work with it.

DSC05927 DSC05928 DSC05929 DSC05930

Price: $3.20. OMG NAIL STICKERS in different colors! sizes and styles!! what’s not to love? I CANNOT wait to use these!!

What to know to have a great dreslink experience: 
be prepared to pay extra for shipping- shipping costs are done by weight of item, the heavier your item is, the more expensive it is. But because these items are so cheap, you can still divide by your shipping cost and still win by paying it at a cheaper price. for example,you buy a top that is $3 but in the US this top costs $10 and you pay $5 for shipping, in the end you have paid $7 for the top, it is still a win.

Choose a trustable courier- when it comes to international shipping, the laws of your country are out of the window. if anything gets lost, you will definitely be transferred from one department to another and you will never get your item, in this case, it is not even dresslink’s fault, it is the courier. I have had a bad experience in the past with some couriers when i bought stuff from Aliexpress, i used UPS, they lost my package IN Texas, and they kept transferring me from one department to another. UPS in the US didn't even care because it was international. I have had bad experiences with FedEx but only ground FedEx (it was a Walmart package). SO i only trust USPS (EMS/E packet) or DHL. I usually use DHL because they are nice and they text you or call you to let you know when your package arrives, plus they are fast!!.

Sizing is very important- i should have put this as number one, but seriously. JUST BECAUSE IT LISTS THE SIZE DOES NOT MEAN IT WOULD FIT! lol i had to yell that. you would need measuring tape when shopping on this site, the nice thing is that DressLink has been so awesome to list the measurements of EACH item when you shop that you can check before buying to see if it would fit. Sadly i always forget to do this, but the next time i shop i would definitely be measuring EVERYTHING. Scroll to the bottom, the first few pictures are usually style inspirations/modeled, but the actual product picture is usually at the bottom.

Reviewed items are a great start-I love seeing other people’s review of the items, and how they are worn, this helps and dresslink has made it easier for shoppers there is a most reviewed tab in which you can just purchase the popular items that have TONS of picture reviews so you know those products are legit! You can never go wrong on accessories, sweaters/cardigans and skirts. ONE thing i have noticed that dresslink does VERY well with are these three. Their scarf collection is numerous and GORGEOUS, they have many warm scarves that are cheaper than the flimsy $10 scarves sold in the US! Their sweaters are more stylish, warm and chic! yet heir price tag is affordable, and their skirts are absolutely gorgeous and versatile!


Thanks for reading!!

This is a sponsored post, I received these products free for my honest and unbiased feedback. Please see my disclaimer for more information.

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