Saturday, October 24

Lorde Inspired Lipsticks: My Top 10 Drugstore Fall Wines and Dark Purple Lipsticks

Although I did not begin this obsession during fall, my post was postponed and now I am posting this during fall (perfectly unplanned lol). I actually had this obsession during the summer LOL. As of right now, i am still into some wines, but the majority of my lippies at the moment consist of nudes and naturals.
I have this thing when I go through a phase of lipsticks, it usually is a color or it could be a finish (glossy, matte, or sheer). This post was inspired by when I started listening to Lorde (this summer), I became obsessive over only darks, purples, and wines. Prior to that, it was red lipsticks (inspired by my fave Regina Spektor), glossy finish prior to that and I think orange/corals prior to that (that was last summer).
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