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December 2015 Favorites

december faves2

Happy new year!! although i aimed to post this on January 1, it  just didnt happen, here we are many many days after. But it had to go up asap since it is my december favorites. As usual, it is very hard for me to pick me top ten favorites every month, i tried to narrow it down and suceeded a few days before the month’s end.
December was a great month, spending time with family, relaxing, hanging out. I thoroughly enjoyed my christmas holiday and new year’s as well. Looking forward to new things in january and a new month, new opportunities, and new challenges to conquer as well.
My favorites for last month were mostly hair items, less makeup as i usually have and more beauty.

suave naturals strawberry

TAMA® Shea Oil for Hair & Scalp- shea oil is amazing, this oil works like argan, giving the shine, but seals moisture longer than argan oil does and makes the hair cuticle smooth while minimizing frzz. It is not a super frizz buster like argan but it has more benefits in my book.

Suave Naturals Conditioner, Sun Ripened Strawberry- so i posted something about silicone free conditioners on IG, yepp i am converted to suave, their conditioners are amazing! they all sort of have the same formula, hence my reluctance in individually reviewing all of them. However, what differs is their scents. This one smells like fresh strawberries, its scent doesnt last long on my hair like the other ones (apple, everlasting sunshine), but it smells really nice. The conditioner is light but moisturizing, its texture makes it easier for me to use as cowash and a light leave-in without weighing my hair down. Yet it is heavy enough to condition my hair after washes. So versatile!

LouAna Pure Coconut Oil- another hair oil i am obsessed with, and yep coconut oil. If you do not like the scent of coconuts, have no fear! this one is scent free. I love coconut oil for it’s versatility as well. I use it for everything! deep conditioning, amplifying my moisturizer, and heat protection.

Baviphat Strawberry Toxifying Mask
THE FACE SHOP eco sun2THE FACE SHOP eco sun3

Baviphat Strawberry Toxifying Mask- this mask is also another favorite, it is the strawberry scent (i guess i am into strawberries now). The scent is so powerful it relaxes me. The mask is a clay mask that isnt too drying to the skin, as it purifies, it moisturizes. The mask looks like yoghurt to me. It looks and smells like yoghurt. Only self control is keeping me from tasting it.

The face Shop NATURAL SUN ECO SUPER PERFECT SUN CREAM SPF50+ PA+++- I originaly purchased this sunscreen for my body, i wanted something with SPF 50 and no white cast or color change. Although it has a white/almost purple cast, it didnt look bad on my body so i used over half of the tube before i started working on it for my face (I ran out of my biore sunscreen). I noticed the sunscreen made my face look good! my skin appeared to have a “flawless” look (of course not perfectly flawless- it is not makeup) but the white/purple cast just made my skin looked brighter. I also love it’s balmy moisturizing but non-greasy texture: It is my holy grail winter sunscreen till further notice.

ban shower fresh deodorant
milani baked blush luminosomilani baked blush luminoso2milani baked blush luminoso4milani baked blush luminoso3

Ban Shower Fresh Invisible Solid Antiperspirant Deodorant- this has been my ride or die deodorant for the past 3 months. I sweat a lot and i find it hard to find a good deodorant. But this one, has kept me sweat free with a light scent that doesn't make me gag.

Milani Baked blush in Luminoso- I have recently begun with highlighting. I highlight to go to the grocery store, anywhere! Oddly i used to hate it and i owned a ton of highlighters which i never used till december, now i am in love with the glow. Especially the one i get from this milani baked blush, the glow is peachy and naturally looking, i love it!

december faves
holika jewelight waterproof eyelinerholika jewelight waterproof eyeliner2holika jewelight waterproof eyeliner3

Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner in 12 Olive Jade- I have a weakness for naturally looking “not black” liners, so browns, burgundy, and olive green, yepp this liner is the bomb, i love how it makes my eyes look bigger and the green is soo pretty!

elizabeth mott eyelinerelizabeth mott eyeliner2

Elizabeth Mott smooth shadow creamy eye pencil in pearl- I also use gold/gold white/cream liner on my waterline to widen my eyes. I have almost finished this gel pencil. The color is just the perfect cream gold and it lasts all day!

mauve lipsmauve lips2

Recently, i have had a thing for matte mauve lipsticks. And what better way to get both formulations than a mauve pencil? I picked it up at the beauty store, heck i do not even know the brand name. But i love it!! it is gorgeous on my lips and lasts a pretty long time without drying it up!! I have a new thing (again) for pencils!

Well that was my december favorites! hope everyone is having a great January, i will try posting every weekend as often as possible (New year’s resolution!)
Thanks for reading!!

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