Friday, April 29

Lippie Friday 01

HAPPY FRIDAY! The weekend has begun (YASS). I am excited to (not) sleep in and (not) relax. le sigh. My weekends are busy for the next month. But it's all good. i prefer it to a weekday anytime, no matter how busy it is.

So since i am a lover of lippies, i decided to try out a new segement this month, it is basically 5 of the lippies i wore over the week, more like a swatch, quick review or recap (if i have reviewed it in the past). Lippie Friday wouldn't be every friday though because i do not wear makeup everyday, but i'd try. If you are just as obsessed with lipstick as i am and want to see my past lippies/lip reviews they are here.

The five lippies i have for this week are (from L to R below): Milani color statement moisture matte lipstick in matte blissful, Nyx slim eye pencil in light brown, The color institute all day lip crayon (wine), nyx slim lip pencil in soft brown, beauty store matte mauve lipstick

I have actually reviewed this product in the past, well it came up on my june favorites. I used to LOVE pink then i HATED it with a passion. But now petal pinks are appealing to me and this occured after i first got this lipstick from a friend.

I think i purchased this pencil for my eyebrows during my blonde days, and one day tried it on my lips-alas! the perfect shade of nude!; I replaced my brow pencil ASAP with something else and now use this as a matte lipcolor. It is creamy and it is not drying at all.

This lippie has also been reviewed in my Top 10 fall purples & wines. Its one of those lippies which come in the set by the color institute/the color workshop. I love it because its creamy, moisturizing and a nice shade of wine.

Since using the nyx eye pencil as a lippie with success, i started looking for more nyx pencils. Purchased this beauty during my brown obsession last summer. It is a great dark nude shade that matches my skintone very well.

I've been on a mauve matte obsession since december, and i purchased this lippie when i went to the neighborhood beauty store. I have NO idea what brand it is (name rubbed off) or the name of the color. But the shade is gorgeous and it lasts quite a while! it is very very creamy and applies and fades evenly. I need to go back to find the brand (and stock up!)

That's it for my first LF! I am currently on the matte/nude/mauve/ pale pink/ lip pencil kick so you might be seeing such for the next few weeks, who knows? i'll probably throw in a red somewhere. I am also thinking of doing more Top 10 and more hauls. Depends on my personal time, since i am up to my neck in work (hence my AWOL).

Anyways;  Happy friday readers! and thanks for reading! 

Thanks for reading!!

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