Monday, June 6

Pristine's Bliss is now BLISS de la Leona

Hello my dears!!, I am so excited about this post!! and this is about my new layout from pipdig and change in blog name!

I Think I have changed my blog's name multiple times, but whenever i changed i always wondered how to make it link with my domain name, since it was purchased and i did not think it was wise to move domains.  However this change to BLISS was definitely a happy one. I was playing this game called Star Chef, and i named my restaurant this. I was like, hey- why not name my blog this? It's Pristine's Bliss, My Bliss so if i'm Leona let's do Leona's Bliss but in a nicer way, BLISS de la Leona. 

Once i was done with the name change i thought a change of layout and profile picture should follow. Rebranding came to mind and i love the change.

I am hoping this change will encourage me to blog more as well as work more on my "brand". 

I love the layout's IG focus from the homepage to the sidebar. I love the slider on the homepage with the tumblr/picture inspired posts previews.

When you search for a label or click on one of the posts type on the nav bar, It comes as a little box with the title pictures. And the categories (below) are labels ranked by post popularity!

Well, I am still very much excited about this change, I hope y'all are too! definitely definitely more posts to come! If you're new, WELCOME! explore!!

Thanks for reading!!

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