Friday, April 29

Lippie Friday 01

HAPPY FRIDAY! The weekend has begun (YASS). I am excited to (not) sleep in and (not) relax. le sigh. My weekends are busy for the next month. But it's all good. i prefer it to a weekday anytime, no matter how busy it is.

Sunday, April 3

March 2016 Favorites

Hello April!! March is finally over, counting the months till my birthday (which is 3 months away!!-YAY). Time is going by fast though, i feel like March went by quite fast. I spent March sleeping less, running around and not committing to my skincare routine, quite sad. But i am excited for april. In april i will be strict with my skin, my diet, my life in general. April's goals are for me to eat more fruits and stay healthy, sleep more, and even read more.

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