bliss [blis/]- perfect happiness; great joy
Photographer: Temi Coker

Hello, reader! I am Ore, the author behind BLISS de la Leona, a blog about everything and anything that surrounds my world. From food to lifestyle, to beauty, makeup, and fashion.

This is an escape, a hobby and a way to de-stress for me (bliss). I am in love with hair, and obsessive over lipstick and coffee. I usually rock blonde or burgundy hair, depending on the time of the year.

My Goal for blogging is to always provide a detailed review of the products. I hate when I search for a product I want to purchase and the review does not answer all my questions. This was one of the reasons I focus so much on beauty and skincare. I want my readers, and even anyone trying to purchase a product not to only know if it is a good product, but how good it is and if it is worth purchasing. This is why I created Bliss de la Leona.

I am a big nerd and I love to read, I try to read on weekends only because it messes with my sleep/work life during the week! I can be in a book for hours and be unaware of the world around me.

My username "Oreleona" is actually from my favorite book by Tamora Pierce, Alanna the Lioness series. Leona is Spanish for lioness of course, and I mixed it with my nickname (Ore).

I am also into music, I love to sing and I am an aspiring guitarist as well. I draw and design whenever I am bored, but mostly I prefer drawing clothes rather than landscapes and scenes.

Check me out on Twitter to see my occasional rants and coffee randomness, Instagram for the pretty pictures of the world around me, and Facebook for post updates.

For business inquiries and sponsors, my e-mail is lioness06(at)Gmail(dot)com, it is also provided on the sidebar icons. Here is a link to my disclosure policy.
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