Monday, April 11


Just a quick update on what’s going on with the Trip, I have put the post on my Tumblr for such

Summary of the Update:

Hello! 您好!

SO far, the money for the Trip to Kunming, China 中国that has been raised is $900.00, so close to a thousand! YAy! soon enough I will be able to buy the ticket. we have been preparing intensely for the trip, we had to learn (Click here for more)
ALSO, I just wanted to say thank you also to new followers, I apologize to everyone for not posting as frequent, April is crunch time for me and I’m trying to stay away from my addictions haha
BUT, if you want to see more personal posts by me Check my tumblr at Oreleona.tumblr.com its Called Pristine’s Bliss
I will be posting little updates on the China Trip definitely, But beauty and food posts would be paused
till May, I also need to catch up on my blog readings, sadly it would also be after the trip.
Sigh. endurance is key.
For more info about the Trip Check the China Missions Page
Also, You can Check the Facebook Fan page
More donations are welcome, still trying to reach my goal of $2300.00, If you are interested in donating, click here
Thank you again to those who donated
and to all my readers :)


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