Friday, March 29


A thought went through my mind as I had a nice heated discussion with a close friend. It is now a question which I cannot seem to push out of my very own mind. So distracting I have to put my books away and type this as I sort out my thoughts. I ask this question because it seems a norm for everyone to live their lives in cognitive dissonance. Many people in this world will do things that go against their value system and beliefs; yet are OK with it.
I notice this norm because although they are conflicting in real terms when put side to side, they still creep into our very own lives. The question is, is it that we ignore one and look to the other? is it that we ignore our own values to let these contradicting views in? or do we just simply lift one over the other as we struggle in frustration?

Are we really aware of the dissonance and feel guilt and anxiety as we partake in it? or are we just oblivious of its dissonance?

What do I mean?
Well, I can give a couple of examples, I’ll stick to the extreme and abstract because I am yet to look at my own contradictions and examine myself. The first one would probably be someone who claims to be a Christian yet sees nothing wrong with fornication, or picks and chooses what law or rule he or she wants to follow in the Bible based on how he/she feels. So,knowing fornication is “sin” in your own religion, yet willingly partaking in it “repeatedly”and by  this example iImean this person might actually silently judge others who are partaking in fornication as “sinners” as well as “him/herself” after the act, yet take no action to stop.

A less extreme example but just as important can be smoking. When one knows the negatives of smoking, how it affects their health and of those around them, and the addiction yet still partakes in it.

A much less extreme one would be watching a TV show that goes against your values or belief system. I think I have done this many times, I simply ignore the negative parts and remember the good parts, even though I know its conflicting to my beliefs. That is one I am aware of now…..
And some of these behaviors might not be a willing action just repeated despite its conflict. It could be bondage, it could be an addiction, the person can feel discomfort in partaking the action, guilt, dread, and anxiety is also expected that is why it is “cognitive dissonance”.

I am just wondering if there is anything else in my life that I do that contradicts my Values?
I need to put on a thinking cap.


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