Friday, March 29


So I’m not the competitive type….
I’m just too chill, my personality is A, of course, I plan I organize and I am on my feet when it’s dire but when it comes to competition and some other things, my mind just shuts off. But I also have that personality in which I would do anything to prove a point. SO that overrides my chill. Like I remember when I was in college and there was this cute guy and he was good-looking and fiiineee
And he was smart too. but he had a downfall. It's like he KNEW he got it going on. and he wants humble enough to hide such. I cannot stand such people. male or female. I  hated sitting near him in Calculus because he would always brag about his high grades to his friend and guess what? he wasn't even a science or math person so he was really smart, and that is good.
If only he’d shut his mouth.

Come next semester, I had him AGAIN in one of my classes, it was the New Testament. He sat right in front of me and once or twice behind me. And yeppp after our first test the bragging had resumed. I was tired of hearing it, I didn’t need any more of such and that’s when my competitive side came on.

Come to think of it, I like my competitive side and I sometimes wish I could turn it on more often, and stop being chill. but then I like my chill side because I am less stressed out than some people. In fact, people get stressed out for me on MY own situation, while I have already figured out the answer to the problems and I’m chill.

OK back to the competition, so I decided that I would show him that just because he's the top in every of his class, he can't always have what he wants and he needs to learn to STFU. really. The next exam we had I got a  96 he got a 95 I remember his face when he saw my paper passed on beside him. The shock that I could beat him was written all over it he was silent that day.

The next exam, he looked ready for a fight, and he tried so hard…so hard…I got a 116 (bonus points yeah!!~ I honestly think the professor was too easy) and he got around a 98 and this time the professor managed to mistakenly let half the class see my grade and mentioned a good job as he was passing the paper out.

I’m sure he had learned his lesson. and if not, my ears were no longer itchy, and it was all good for me. Hopefully, that taught him a lesson, everyone knew him as obnoxious and cocky, I don’t know where he is now but I hope he has somewhat changed. I’m not even sure I remember his name.
This was the only time I think I was truly competitive. I honestly think being competitive is not bad, but doing it quite often and being a cocky winner and a sore loser is the bad result.

Try to live your life without comparing it to others, and if aiming to beat someone for gratification is your goal in life, find something else to focus on. replace your motivation. I was surprised at myself that I worked hard to get that grade but I honestly don’t think my mojo was right.
even if I did it to prove a point.


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