Monday, July 20



Ever heard of the quarter-life crisis? I thought it was all made up in my head but apparently, it is real. what does it feel like to be twenty-five? I feel old. really old. And I know I am not but it is so surreal being at the middle of your twenties and thinking…” in five years I'll be thirty”…” in five years I might be a mother” “in five years….OMG”
but then again I do not feel any older, its like a double-sided knife…I noticed I am getting older and feel older yet I do not feel older. anyways, because I am twenty five..i realized some things do not matter as much as they did five years ago. Things i considered a big deal, are no longer a big deal…i guess i am truly aging. lets call it maturing.

My birthday was AWESOME. The big 25 was not a disappointment. I opted form doing big parties to more intimate events with just my best-friends. Everyone is busy, and years of trying to “organize” parties with disappointments from people made me stop planning such. Like why? lemme just enjoy myself with those i love in peace.

My besties and my brother decided to surprise me, which is quite a hard thing to do cause i am nosy as f!@#. But they did it and succeeded. they came to my house at midnight one drove 20 minutes the other 35 minutes into town!! It was great, so i started it with crying LOL. we chilled for a while, and Nita spent the night, in the a.m Rere (brother) and TJ got me my fave starbucks cappuccino {caramel flan with 4 espresso shots} it was a lovely taste of bitter and creamy lol with some donuts.

Then it was time for surprise #2 lol, Nita took us to the Japanese gardens at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, it was beautiful (and hot-LOL my makeup melted), it was a LOT of walking but still a lot of fun. Can i just have this in my backyard? pls. lol.

Once we were done, we headed on with famished stomachs to Won Korea House to have my fave, Samgyupsal. it was yummylicious.

Once our bellies were full, we headed home then to the movies to watch Ant-man. I am not a movie person, i find them too long, but this was hilarious. I loved it!! we were done quite late,  got home, chilled, and planned for our deeper trip in two weeks (excited!!).
Overall it was a fun day, and i am excited for things to come!! 25 means i am going to be bolder, daring and more outspoken. It also means that i will be making drastic changes in my life (and loving it).
Here’s to a wonderful year ahead.


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