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So today, I will be doing a review of one of my favorite vendors on aliexpress- Guangzhou New star hair. I have been using this company for many years but never once reviewed any of my "hairs". However, the curly hair on my profile picture and my red hair here are both from NSH. 

This hair is about 1+ month old, I purchased It mid-December, and have been wearing it till about last week.
The hair I picked was the Cambodian loose curly with a matching, general (maybe Brazilian/Peruvian) loose curly closure.

Shipping was fast and free as usual with DHL.

The curls looked like 1-inch curling iron curls, but when wet, the curl pattern changes, to a loose, crinkly curl.

I sealed my wefts with fray block to keep it from shedding.

I also bleached the ends a little bit to make the ends light brown.

The closure's curls were a little tighter even after washing, I think this is due to the texture difference. However, it loosened over time. 

The length of the hair was 24 inches, 22, 20 and an 18-inch closure. when in its natural state, the hair reaches my lower back, right above my butt. when stretched, it is a little bit mid-buttock in length.

Maintenance of this hair is pretty easy, I can go days without doing much, because of its curl pattern, it does get dry and the curls can fall over the week, but it is not that bad.

Although I don't do sulfates, I noticed deep cleaning at least 2x a month helps make the hair fuller, and lighter with more body than just co-washing. So, I use the Suave Naturals Juicy green apple shampoo. I am still strict on using conditioners without silicones, so I use the Suave Naturals conditioner (currently everlasting sunshine). I use it to co-wash, condition, leave in, everything. I use shea oil (TAMA all natural shea oil) for sealing the ends and frizz after washing, and coconut oil for deep conditioning (with Africa's Best Organics hair mayonnaise) and for my daily leave-in mix (70% water, 25% conditioner (suave), 5% oil (coconut)). I also used Ardell's Red-Gold corrector in my deep conditioning mix for the brown-blonde ends to keep it non-brassy.

However, after a month of usage and bleaching, I lost 1 inch + of length. It is now about 23 inches/22 inches. it is still long but very thin at the ends, the light brown ends have fallen off sadly. 

I love this hair but I do not think it is as resilient as my Mongolian straight (also from NSH). I bleached that one 3X and dyed it red almost 4X and it is still as strong as ever. 

Repurchase?: For texture variety, yep. But for my color experiments, no.


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