Wednesday, June 22


Hello! I have not done a fashion post in a long while, in fact, I do not know what to write in this post because I have been rusty fashion-wise. I really do not dress-up much, my work-life does not permit me to do so, I dress up at least once a week- for a church. 
I do try to capture outfit pictures but I never remember to do so after church, and I am always in a hurry/late beforehand.

This outfit is very simple, dashiki is a shirt made west Angelina fabric from West Africa. I received it as a gift from a family member who visited Nigeria. I love the vivid color, I think I will be getting one in white next, I see the yellow or orange ones too often and due to that am not very fond of it. But unique colors like white, cream, and any other color will do.

My style has not really changed, it still involves sweats at home (lol) and comfortable clothes no matter the occasion- loose dresses, leggings, and patterned jogger pants.
These leather/pleather H&M leggings are my current favorite. unfortunately, I lost a lot of weight that even my leggings don't fit snugly (eek!), the shoes are from UrbanOg (my favorite online shoe store!), earrings from Hotkiss; and a bag from Guess.
Ore :)


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