Tuesday, July 5


Sometimes I feel like life is kicking me in the butt- at least I felt that way when I originally thought of this post. However, as I am reviewing my draft and typing this up- I happened to have turned around and punched life in the face. Or something quite similar in description.

It has indeed been a minute since I posted any lifestyle posts or updates. It is mostly because I am a private person and I am usually unsure of what to write without disclosing so much of my personal life. Sometimes, it's not entirely that the idea is not there but as it is present in my mind, time constraints mixed with a little bit of laziness- OK maybe a LOT of laziness seems to keep me procrastinating.

I actually wrote this draft on a plane 2 months ago.

 I have been doing some fun things lately, and I am indeed enjoying my busy schedule. Going red was the "highlight" of my April LOL. I even got scissor happy and cut my red hair to a bob (I need to stop doing that!).

But then I got bored after a month of red. This is actually the reason why I cannot dye my real hair. I went blonde, I think I might be blonde for a while. This is actually the blonde-est I have ever been.

I also got a Moleskine, I joined the dot/bullet journal/studyblr family. I will start more posts about it. I have been obsessed with pens and journaling for almost 5+ years but I did not even realize it was a thing until I was looking for journal ideas on google. so sad. However, I want to switch to leuchtturm1917 journals, I hear they're nicer than Moleskine, they have more color selections and are wider with more pages. My new one is coming in 2 days via prime. I also got some washi tape that I will be using with my journals.

I traveled to Denver in late may for one of my close friend's wedding and graduation (see bridesmaid pics above).  It was fun and I was so excited to see her and her new hubby. I'd say that was definitely the highlight of my May. Denver is gorgeous and I LOVE the weather there! It was kind of amusing that rain turned into hail in mid-may for like 30-45 minutes.

Nothing much has happened this summer since then. I have been trying to eat healthily- I went pescatarian for like 3 weeks. couldn't go on after that. But I tried lol.

July is here- it is bittersweet because it is officially like 13 days to my birthday, but I am turning 26 and that's not so exciting really. Also, the summer is about to be over, no more relaxing and waking up late. le sigh.

Thanks for reading!!
Ore :)

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