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Hello there! It has really been a minute since I posted: I can't really make any excuses, I was really just busy with what life has handed me. Enough of my excuses, today's post is a haul from the dollar Jewelry store MISS A as well as some other random purchases and gifts.

I'm not a jewelry person and I've never gone out my way to purchase jewelry for myself. Most of what I own are gifts from my SO, best friend or parents. This is my first time selecting and purchasing any jewelry for myself. I felt like I had to because I needed to wear something every day; short hair with no jewelry or makeup looks weird. 

And since I had my Zendaya inspired blonde pixie, I was like why not?
P.S. I have provided links with the titles of the product if you want to purchase them!

Studs are the simplest kind of earrings I love. However, I prefer my studs be the largest (but non-gaudy) ones they can be. I like large, simple studs. These studs were not purchased from Miss A, though: I got them in a set from H&M (similar).

I found this ear cuff very unique, never tried something like this before. It adds a nice touch to studs. Although I have to say I wore it only 3x before it started to disintegrate, one of the fringes fell off.

These two earrings were a gift from one of my sisters, she brought them from Thailand. I am so in love with the tiffany blue earring. especially because it was in my favorite color.

The gold earrings, I did not purchase. I purchased another type but they were out of stock and sent me them. I have only one them once, find them kind of "meh". 

However, the drop chain heart earrings are TOO long! the heart has some crystals in the core which make it look beautiful but I cannot seem to find a way to wear them!! I wish the chain was shorter!

These two earrings are so shiny! They look so elegant for their price, $1 goes a long way. I plan to use them for formal events.

I LOVE these because of one thing. It is in my favorite color, it has rhinestones, and I love chain earrings too! 
I got them in gold because I have a lot of silver chain earrings and wanted an alternative.

These are not exactly gold more like rose gold. I like them but the color throws me off and never matches any of my other jewelry. I also noticed it has started fading/turning black after a few months

OMG, I LOVE ear jackets!! These are by far my favorite type of earrings right now!! I got the first one from Miss A (unfortunately, it is out of stock at the moment- But they do have other types) and the second from Walmart for $2. The cubic crystal changes color as it catches the light!


These two are my new fave fancy ear cuffs, mostly because they have crystals on them!

That's it for my haul! I think I might be doing some more MISS A hauls, I have been wearing a lot of short hair lately, need some more earrings to accessorize.
I recommend MISS A for those who really don't do fancy earrings or if you want to get something cheap with good quality!


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